MPEG-4 AVC Editing and Watermarking at NAB 2005
Also Exhibiting 1080i HDV Transmission System and Extremely Low-Delay JPEG2000 HDTV Codec for Use in Industry and Broadcaster HDTV Solutions KAMIFUKUOKA, Japan, April 13 /PRNewswire/ -- KDDI R&D Laboratories, a subsidiary of Japan's global telecommunications company KDDI Corporation, will introduce its powerful H.264/MPEG-4 AVC editing and watermarking software, which adds new capabilities to conventional H.264 codec-based products. HDTV is another important capability for applications today: KDDI R&D Labs is also introducing an HDTV codec for delay-sensitive live broadcasting and a 1080i HDV live transmission system for high-quality video conferencing. In addition, KDDI R&D Labs will display the world's first automatic video summary creation software, an H.264 newsgathering system, and a security video system for 3G mobile phones for post production, broadcasters and system integrators. SPECIFIC PRODUCTS [AV Authoring System] 1) MPEG Edit Studio Pro ver. 2.0 - The latest version of KDDI's world- renowned MPEG Edit Studio Pro now features for the first time, ultra-fast native long GOP H.264 editing. MPEG Edit Studio Pro ver. 2.0 also delivers a variety of MPEG content editing, including HDV (720p,1080i), MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MXV and AAC/HE-AAC up to 7.1 Ch without any additional hardware. 2) Highlight Creator - World's first MPEG video summarization software enabling summary video creation and format conversion, as well as metadata generation. A video summarization SDK is also available that allows system integrators to easily implement summarization functionality within their applications. [AV Transmission System] 3) QualityMeeting HD - World's first real-time H.264 communication software with up to D-1 full-frame quality using KDDI's cutting-edge encoding algorithm; results in a high-quality IP-based HDV (720p,1080i) transmission system using commercial HDV cameras. 4) VistaFinder - Industry-first H.264 field coverage system with videophone capability. The new VistaFinder Box system enables store-and- forward high-quality video transmission and live conversation between field and station over any IP-accessible network. 5) VISION-SW - Breakthrough technology that automatically switches parallel TV transmission links when transmission failure occurs. During normal operation, both links are fully utilized to provide the best possible picture quality. 6) JH-2000N - World's first hardware HDTV codec fully compliant with the JPEG2000 standard. The expected codec delay can be kept to less than 50 milliseconds while maintaining broadcasting quality based on our newly developed optimal encoder algorithm (Exhibiting at KWILL booth C8941, KDDI group). [Remote Video System] 7) EZ Monitor Box - World's smallest remote video live transmission box for 3G mobile handsets -- comes equipped with a camera, MPEG-4 real-time encoding software and a network interface. [SDK] 8) MPmark - World's first H.264 native watermarking software. H.264 video content can now be protected by MPmark watermarking technology without decoding/re-encoding H.264. MPEG-2/4 video and MP3 are also supported. 9) MP-Factory ver. 4.1 - Industry-leading MPEG SDK that provides a variety of MPEG handling capabilities, including encoding, decoding, editing and indexing for various formats such as H.264, HDV, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. It enables system integrators to easily implement MPEG applications through uniform APIs for various coding formats. These technologies, developed by KDDI R&D Labs, are available for licensing, distribution or OEM to companies worldwide. Potential customers include multimedia, DVD and broadband content production companies; software companies, broadcasters, MPEG encoder manufactures and system integrators.
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