MOBI Technologies, Inc. brings to market the first wireless color monitoring system geared towards safety and security for active parents
MOBI Technologies, Inc. launches the newest addition to its line of personal awareness devices. MobiCam Monitoring System solves the problems of busy, active parents with a completely wireless, handheld, portable, and ultra compact color monitoring unit.

Our unit is designed with real world scenarios in mind. MobiCam allows parents to be productive while being assured that their child is safe and secure. MobiCam was designed around solving three major problems facing parents today. One, is there a system that will allow me to watch my children day or night? Two, what monitoring systems are available for children once they have grown out of their infant stages? And three, how can I provide cost effective security for my child away from home?

At MOBI Technologies, Inc. these questions and concerns were the key factors in the design of the MobiCam Monitoring System. With our unit, you can not only listen to your child, but also see them day or night. MobiCam combined ultra high resolution TFT color monitor with I/R Night Vision technology to provide complete monitoring.

Not satisfied with just the ability to monitor during the day and night, our designers also added features such as automatic sound activation for added convenience. Utilized 2.4 GHz technology to transmit thru walls, floors and ceilings of up to 300 feet and added the ability of multi location monitoring of up to (3) cameras. MOBI gave users the option of a dual power source operation (AC or Battery) for greater versatility and an AV cable for connection to larger TV抯 for viewing or VCR抯 for recording. There is also the optional accessories line that includes PC Software & Adaptor for automated recording, monitoring and notification via the internet, cell phone or pager. We have built a complete line of products to enhance and personalize any parent抯 needs.

Listening devices are good when a baby is still in the infant stages, where they are less likely to move about. What happens when your child grows beyond the crib and nursery? That old traditional device becomes unusable and goes back into the closet for storage. MobiCam grows with your child and family. Place a camera in every room that your growing child will be and watch them from a portable, wireless, lightweight, handheld unit that can be carried around the home.

Some parents even go to the extreme to buy extra monitoring units to keep permanently at a relative抯 home because the thought of carrying another bulky, heavy item along with all the other baby gear was too overwhelming. With its portable, compact, lightweight, and instant set up and use design. MobiCam eliminates the cost of having to spend extra money and gives back the benefit of being able to carry a unit small enough to fit inside a bag or purse.

MobiCam is the ideal monitoring system for all stages of your child抯 growth and provides all the features that parents have come to look for.

Available for the MSRP of $249.00, please call MOBI at (866) MOBI CAM or visit for purchasing information.

About Mobi Technologies, Inc.

MobiCam is marketed by Mobi Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA. Established in 2003, the company focuses in designing innovative, high value and advanced computer and peripheral accessories. David Naghi, President of Mobi Technologies, Inc. brings over 20 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry. 揟hinking about the consumer and their needs is the driving force and inspiration behind our design and manufacturing? For further information on DataSense Cables and other Mobi products, please call us at 310.551.1120 or visit our website at

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