Loteria Workshop unites Tradition and Technology

Loteria Workshop is a software to create Bingo and Loteria Mexicana (Mexican Bingo) games.

February 7, 2005 -- Maravilla Software has announced the availability in the market of Loteria Workshop, it is a solution that allows to create and print the game of the traditional Loteria Mexicana and bingo. Loteria Workshop extends the Mexican tradition to the personal computer adapting it to the creativity of the user and the new technology.

The Loteria Mexicana is a game that arrived to Mexico from the Iberian Peninsula in the middle of the XVIII century, in the beginning the loteria was a pastime of the well off classes but as time pass it became a tradition of the Mexican fairs. At present time more than a pastime the loteria has been adapted as a didactic tool and every day more and more artists are using the loteria as a base for their art projects.

"The Loteria is a beautiful tradition and one of my objectives is to help to preserve it" said Gilberto Padilla developer of Loteria Workshop who in 1996 developed the Traditional Loteria Mexicana for the Internet a software to chat and to play the game through the network. "This tool promotes the tradition and creativity, and is easy to use" He ad.

One of the characteristics of this software is the automatic generation of unduplicated playing boards sets of more than 500 , which assure that each player of Loteria uses a unique playing board, Loteria Workshop is an excellent tool for those who organize matches of Bingo in churches, fairs or kermeses. Besides of having an image editor and a Bingo card generator, it includes 54 images of the traditional Loteria like the mermaid, the rose, the brave one, the watermelon, the barrel, the rooster and more.

The capability to integrate one's own images open the possibility to educators to create didactic material based on the Loteria game.

Maravilla Software is an emergent software development company.


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