Long-Range Camera uses Pentium 4-based decoder
Long-Range Camera uses Pentium 4-based decoder.

January 18, 2005 07:51 - Able to handle temperatures up to 50¡ãC, AccuVision? AV4000 v2.0 package features permanently aligned camera and illumination to facilitate installation. Digital zoom is placed in camera to increase network connectivity. System has filterless design, mirror blower option, diagnostic capabilities, and ability to save parameters. Software features include side-to-side detection, dimensioning to half and inch, and quadrant scanning.

Accu-Sort Unveils New Long-Range Camera, the AV4000 V2.0

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (January 11, 2005) -- Accu-Sort Systems unveiled the AccuVision(R) AV4000 V2.0, the company's most advanced camera ever, today at ProMat. The AV4000 V2.0 is Accu-Sort's newest long-range camera, illumination and decoder package.

"The biggest benefits users will see are improved read rate performance coupled with simplified installation and maintenance," said Andrew Ross, Product Marketing Manager for Accu-Sort. "The AV4000 V2.0 handles higher operating temperatures, up to 50 degrees Celsius, and uses a Pentium IV-based decoder. Both of those features make this the most reliable camera we've ever produced."

Other new benefits include reduced installation costs, reduced maintenance costs and advanced software features.

Installation is simple and quick because the camera and illumination are firmly and permanently aligned. To further reduce installation costs, Accu-Sort has placed the digital zoom in the camera, not the decoder, and increased network connectivity. To reduce maintenance costs, the company created a filterless design, mirror blower option, enhanced statistics for faster problem diagnosis and the ability to save parameters.

Advanced software features include side-to-side (omniplanar) detection, dimensioning to half and inch and quadrant scanning.

"Accu-Sort's cameras have always provided the best read rates in the industry," Ross said. "The AV4000 V2.0 keeps us a step ahead of the competition while also simplifying user set up and maintenance. This combination makes this the most reliable product on the market."

The AV4000 V2.0 will be available for sale at the end of Q1 2005.

About Accu-Sort

Accu-Sort Systems is a pioneer in reliable auto ID and high-speed compliance solutions with more than three decades of experience deploying and supporting scanning and tracking solutions in distribution, warehousing, manufacturing and retailer environments. The company is also an established provider of convergent RFID and bar code systems with more than 40 RFID installations. Contact: 1-877-ASI-RFID or www.accusort.com.

General Information:
Andrew Ross
Phone: 800-227-2633

Company Information:
Name: Accu-Sort Systems, Inc.
Address: 511 School House Rd.
City: Telford
State: PA
ZIP: 18969 1196
Country: USA
Phone: 800-220-5177
FAX: 215-996-8249

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