Learn to Install Your Own Home Network

  • Learn to set up a wired or wireless network and the advantages of each
  • Save money by sharing peripherals and Internet connections
  • Detailed instructions for the beginner or more advanced user

    Installing a home network has numerous advantages, not the least of which are the cost savings involved in sharing peripherals and Internet connections. If you're looking to set up a home network but are unsure of where to begin, the Home Networking Bible - 2nd Edition is the ideal guide, whether you're a novice or a pro. This revised, updated, comprehensive guide covers everything from deciding what type of network meets your needs to setting up the hardware and software, connecting different operating systems, installing the necessary applications, managing the network, and even adding home entertainment devices.

    Whether you and your family use Windows, Mac, Linux, or a combination of these, Sue Plumley's Home Networking Bible - 2nd Edition will show you how to unite your systems, enabling them to share printers, files, and an Internet connection. You'll learn how to create a wired or wireless home network uniquely suited to your household's needs, and then expand that networked world to include your TiVo, Xbox, PDA, cell phone, and more.

    Compare the advantages and disadvantages of wired and wireless networks and understand how to choose between workgroup and client/server networking. This book will teach you how to install and set up cables and routers and how to install and configure networking software so that you and your family will be able to share files, printers, and a single Internet connection.

    For the more advanced user, the Home Networking Bible - 2nd Edition will provide detailed instructions on expanding your home network to include your digital camera, scanner, TV, sound system, and even game consoles, and you'll even learn how to automate various household functions.


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  • Home Networking Bible - 2nd Edition