LG LG B&W 12 Inch Quad CCTV Observation System digital camera features
LG B&W 12 Inch Quad CCTV Observation System 224.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

Quality DIY CCTV system from LG Electronics.

B&W 12 inch quad monitor with 750 lines of resolution
Kit comes with one internal CCD motion sensing camera and one weather resistant CCD camera
Both cameras have 3.7mm lenses for 78 degree view
External camera had microphone and speaker for two way audio
Supplied with 20m cable for each camera
Expand the system up to 4 cameras
Time and date stamping
Connect to Time lapse VCR or Digital Video Recorder for recording
Simple and easy installation

A Complete System

LG Electronics have introduced an all-in-one CCTV Surveillance System designed to be simple to install, have quality LG components and great functionality.


The B&W 12 inch monitor has a built in quad processor allowing up to 4 cameras to displayed at the same time. You can view all cameras at the same time or each camera in sequence. It even has a picture-in-picture viewing facility.

The monitor also features on screen programming including time, date and camera settings. Alarm outputs on the monitor will warn of motion activation as well as allow recording when triggered.

Internal Motion Sensor Camera

The camera has a 3.7mm lens for wide angle coverage plus a PIR sensor which allows infra red radiation detection projected by warm objects. The Super HAD CCD sensor gives extra crisp resolution.

External Weather Resistant Camera

The camera has a 3.7mm lens for wide angle coverage plus a speaker and microphone for 2 way audio and speech. The Super HAD CCD sensor gives extra crisp resolution.

Add Additional Cameras

Add up to 2 additional cameras to this system and make a total system with 4 cameras.
are only ?9.95
are only ?4.95.
for just ?4.95

Need Additional Cable?

Replace the existing 20m you get with the kit with a 35m length of cable. The is ?.95.

Record What The Cameras See

Connect to a for great quality, time lapsed recording for weeks at a time. Or connect to a traditional Time Lapse VCR for traditional tape recording.

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