Know Who's at the Door Before You Answer
  • Camera ! high-resolution image sensor, infrared night vision, wide-angle lens
  • Monitor ! handset with volume control, 30 second auto shut-off timer, continuous camera viewing control
  • Image memory ! recall and scroll buttons let you play back all stored images
  • Uses existing 2-conductor doorbell wiring The Doorphone Video Intercom System by Home Sentinel (#5090) is a convenient way to increase your safety and security when answering the door. Visitors activate the system by pressing a call button on the outdoor camera, which sounds a doorbell chime as well as turning on the inside video monitor. A 2-way audio intercom then lets you speak with visitors after first visually identifying them.

    Installation Made Simple
    These systems are designed for easy first time installation, or to replace an existing doorbell. Simple two-conductor wire such as that used with a standard doorbell system connects the camera at the door with the video monitor inside.

    Multiple Monitors
    Multiple monitors can be installed in a single system, with one or more outside cameras for front door ! back door applications. With a distance of 300' possible between the camera and monitor, a video doorphone is also ideal for remote entry gates. The lock release button on the monitor station can be used to operate any remote door or gate release mechanism.

    Packed With Features
    The full-featured Doorphone Video Intercom System model (#5090) also includes an intercom between monitor stations, together with a unique memory function that records a picture of visitors together a digital time and date stamp. You can then playback the recorded images when you return home to see who called, and at what time they were there. A discrete dome camera (#5093) can also be integrated with this system, providing you with complete video surveillance capabilities in your video doorphone system.

    Convenience and Security
    Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding home security application, the system combines the convenience of an intercom with the security of a multi-camera video doorphone system. From the basic kit, which includes the master monitor and an outdoor camera intercom station, system expansion is easy to include up to 8 indoor monitor stations (#5091) 4 cameras, including 2 outdoor intercom stations (#5092) and 2 dome surveillance cameras (#5093). The convenient intercom allows any monitor station to page and communicate with other stations throughout the home, while the unique image memory acts as a visual "answering machine" for visitors at the door when you're not at home ! taking digital still pictures together with a day and time stamp. Please see owner's manual for complete specifications. Home Sentinel's product # VI450.



    • High-resolution image sensor

    • Infrared night vision

    • Wide-angle lens

    • Audio intercom

    • Adjustable viewing range

    • Approximate measurements: 5-1/2" x 4" x 1-3/4"


    • Handset with volume control

    • 30 second auto shut-off timer

    • Continuous camera viewing control

    • Simple on-screen programming menu

    • Power failure backup battery

    • All-call function with 2-way audio intercom (requires optional monitors)

    • Remote door open function (requires optional electric door release)

    • Use up to 4 cameras for a complete video surveillance system (requires optional cameras)

    • Approximate measurements: 8-1/2" x 9" x 3"

    Image Memory

    • It's like having a "video answering machine" at your door that stores digital still pictures of your visitors

    • Memory indicator lets you know when there's unviewed "video messages"

    • Recall and scroll buttons let you play back all stored images

    • Overwrites old pictures automatically

    • Imprints the day & time on each picture

    Optional Accessories:

    Expansion Monitor (#5091)
    Don't run circles around your house to view who is knocking on your door. This Expansion Monitor is a great addition to your Doorphone Video Intercom System (#5090).

    • High-resolution 4" flat screen monitor CRT

    • Retains video image memory of last callers together with on-screen time and day stamp

    • High and low memory resolution has 17-image capacity in low-res mode and 13-image capacity in high-res mode

    • Image replay and scroll mode

    • Maximum system capacity of 8 monitor stations

    • On screen programming menu for time and day stamp, memory resolution mode, and extension camera setup

    • Picture brightness and sharpness controls

    • Power on and memory/in-use indicator LEDs

    • Auto shut off after 30 seconds for unanswered calls and 90 seconds for answered calls

    • Audio and video monitor selection button

    • Free voltage switching mode power supply for stable image

    • System reset indicator if backup battery capacity is exceeded

    • Automatic priority assignment is given to the first monitor station up on call signal from outdoor camera stations

    • On-line LED indication if system is busy

    • Broadcast/intercom button allows additional monitor stations to "join" ongoing communication with outdoor camera stations

    • Maximum system capacity of 8 monitor stations

    • Approximate measurements: 8-1/2" x 9" x 3"

    • Home Sentinel's product # MO451

    Expansion Outdoor Camera Station (#5092)
    This Expansion Outdoor Camera Station is the perfect addition to your Doorphone Video Intercom System (#5090). Use an additional camera to monitor different locations, including: front doors, back doors, and security gates!

    • Weatherproof surface mount die-cast metal housing

    • Adjustable camera angle through 78 degrees vertical range

    • High resolution 1/3" B&W CCD image sensor

    • Wide angle lens with auto iris and auto focus adjustments

    • Infrared illumination for clear night vision (0 Lux)

    • Protected screw terminal connections for monitor and optional door release wiring

    • Maximum system capacity of 2 outdoor camera stations (plus 2 dome surveillance cameras)

    • Sensitive hands free microphone and speaker

    • 12V DC output for optional door release mechanism

    • Approximate measurements: 5-1/2" x 4" x 1-3/4"

    • Home Sentinel's product # CA455

    Dome Surveillance Camera (#5093)
    The Dome Surveillance Camera not only adds another viewing angle, it gives you more security where you need it most: your home. An excellent option to an existing Doorphone Video Intercom System (#5090).

    • Compact smoked acrylic dome blends with any decor, providing discrete video surveillance

    • Microphone permits audio monitoring as well

    • Uses the same 2 conductor (non-polarized) wiring as the rest of doorphone system

    • Fully adjustable viewing position through 360 degrees horizontal and 90 degrees vertical range

    • High resolution 1/3" B&W CCD image sensor

    • 3.5mm wide angle lens with auto iris, auto focus adjustments

    • Easy twist-off installation bracket

    • Audio sensitivity adjustment

    • Maximum system capacity of 2 dome surveillance cameras plus 2 outdoor camera stations, or 3 dome surveillance cameras plus 1 outdoor camera station


      • Power Source: DC 12V (supplied with monitor)

      • Resolution: 380 lines

      • Image Sensor: High Resolution 1/3" B/W CCD

      • Picture Angle: Fully adjustable viewing position through 360 deg. horizontal and 90 deg. vertical range

      • Lens: 3.5 mm wide angle lens with auto iris, auto focus adjustments

      • Approximate measurements: 3-1/2" x 3-3/4" x 3-3/4"

      • Home Sentinel's product # CA456