Keep Dogs 20 ft. Away From Off-Limits Areas
  • Effective in keeping your dog out of particular rooms
  • For indoor use only
  • Warning beeps alert dogs before the mild correction occurs
  • Adjustable range up to 20 feet Place the small, disk-shaped Pet Repel? transmitter near the area where your dog is prohibited. The range on the Pet Repel? system is a 2-20 ft. radius from the transmitter (user adjustable). Your dog wears the receiver collar around its neck. When it nears the control area, a warning beep sounds on the collar. If your dog continues to approach, a mild correction, similar to a static shock, will be administered.

    Your dog quickly learns to avoid areas where Pet Repel? is installed. Pet Repel? comes with an external AC adapter with a 12 foot cord so you can place the unit anywhere!

    Pet Repel? can be used for as many dogs as your have! Each pet needs to wear a receiver collar, which can be purchased separately. Uses a common inexpensive camera battery. Not suitable for use with cats.

    Item #6115, Pet Repel, does not include a dog collar. Choose #6140RU, Ultralight Dog Receiver, or #6140RS, Stubborn Dog Receiver.