James Bond 007 Digital Camera
Was $195.00 Now Only $149.95

Fact and Fiction Collide

I can't count the number of times we've had to turn away customers who want to buy some exciting spy gadget they saw in a recent movie. Often times, the gadgets and gizmos seen in action thrillers are merely make believe. Here's the exception to that rule.

The First James Bond 007 Digital Spy Camera

Cleverly hidden inside a Zippo style lighter, a digital camera system finally worthy of the 007 licensed trademark. Remarkably versatile, this little spy camera will give you some of the most amazing digital pictures you've ever seen in a package this small.

Operation is extremely easy. Simply snap up to 310 pictures, then download them with the included USB cable. You can burn them to a CD and take them to your local photo processor and get them printed on real photo paper!

We were VERY skeptical when we received this new Spy Camera to test. After seeing thousands of different types of cameras that promise the world, this subtle little gadget really impressed us. I mean really, really, really impressed us. I decided to use the 007 spy camera myself so I could show you exactly what you're getting.

The pictures below are untouched, no magic Photo-shopping has been done to any of them. They were taken straight from the camera and uploaded to the internet. Click on each photo to enlarge. Enjoy...

Example Digital Photos

Quick Shot - Flip the top, click the button and close the case. No switching ON required

Surveillance Mode - Record images at preset time intervals; perfect for covert observation for up to 19 days.

Data Storage and Transfer function - Move important data between computers utilizing your James Bond 007 camera as a portable hard disc drive (up to 500 pages of text, images. etc.)

Pocket size CD card convenient for traveling (PC only)
Password security coding for emails & photos (PC only)
Greeting cards - insert your image into a "007" scene (PC only)

High Resolution Digital Still Camera - Internal Memory holds: up to 150 pictures @ 640x480 pixels up to 310 pictures @ 320x240 pixels

Video Clip Recording with sound - Make undercover recordings of up to 30 seconds duration.

Web Camera - Send live video across the Internet and talk face to face with your friends (No need for a separate microphone) (PC only).

Audio Recording - Takes up to 12 minutes of audio recording.

LiteSync? - Takes full depth of field photos with fluorescent lighting.

Self Timer - Take pictures with 10 second delay.

USB Plug-n-Play performance - Easy set up and use (PC only)

Software for PC - Exclusive software including: JB 1 Auto-Downloader; JB 1 Image Editor; JB 1 Greeting Cards*; JB 1 Videomail*
* With File Password Protection Feature.

System Requirements: PC Pentium? 166MHz or better, Windows? 98, ME, 2000 or XP, 32MB RAM, 20MB+ on HDD, USB port, VGA monitor and CD-ROM drive.

Mac OS 8.6 or above with USB support (Mass Storage Only). Quicktime or similar Image viewing application

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