It Turns Any Camera into a Motion-Activated One!
  • Save hours of valuable time when sorting through surveillance videos
  • This all-in-one solution replaces a whole series of products
  • It only records when you need it most, saving needless wear and tear
  • Real-time recording ensures the best quality picture Fed up with having to search through seemingly endless surveillance tapes just to find one brief moment of activity? Then save hours of time with a VCR that only records when there's motion in the camera's field of view. Unlike time-lapse VCRs that operate continuously year round, this model only records when you need it most. This vital feature not only saves valuable time when watching tapes, it also saves your VCR from needless wear and tear.

    To achieve this capability before required that you buy and install several different products. And like anything, the more products involved, the more likely you'll experience delays or other reliability problems. But because this VCR has the motion sensor processor built right in, you'll enjoy the highest quality performance that rivals that of higher-priced digital recording systems.

    Because tapes are recorded in real time, you'll get incredible images, as opposed to choppy time-lapse recordings. This makes it easier to see what really happened and who was involved a must when it comes to getting a conviction in criminal matters. This real-time feature also allows the VCR to capture audio, an essential element if you use a surveillance camera with audio (check with local authorities to make sure audio recording is permissible).

    The VCR also performs as a regular VCR when the digital motion detector feature is off. Simply flip the switch on the front panel to go between standard and motion-detection recording. Rear connections include RF coax input/output, as well as composite RCA A/V inputs/outputs. It also offers convenient composite RCA A/V inputs on the front panel for easy viewing of camcorders, digital cameras, etc. Includes a remote control with batteries.


    Recording Time
    10 Hr. Real Time w/T-200 Tape

    Event record Duration
    20 seconds

    Video Format
    VHS Standard

    Video Format

    4-Head Helical Scanning

    Tape Width

    360 x 92 x 255mm

    Current Consumption
    25 Watts

    Power Required
    120 V AC, 60Hz