Is Your Used Car Safe for Your Daily Commute?

A quality used car is a major investment. Utilize these free services to be sure that your used car is a solid, trouble-free investment.

April 19, 2005 -- John never saw it coming. One minute, he was driving his newly purchased used car down the highway. The next minute, he was sitting on the side of the road - broken down and waiting for a tow truck.

"I bought the car from a reputable dealer. I never imagined I would have problems with it. I should have done my homework before buying the car but didn't know where to turn for help in researching the car's history." said John.

There are many reasons a used car can have either a major or minor failure. The most common cause is simple malfunctions that come with age.

But there are other types of malfunctions - ones that cause a manufacturer to do a car recall or troublsome failures that just follow the car around without being fixed to satisfaction.

Everyone has heard stories of the car that just keeps going back to the shop to get fixed and never, ever seems to work right no matter what the mechanic does or how much money the consumer invests in its repair. More often than not, the owner will just trade it in on a new vehicle to get rid of the problem. And that problem goes to another person.

Now there is a way to check out recall information and complaint information on cars at no cost to the consumer. Lemon Law Resources (at has two free sections on car recalls and complaints.

By going to the recall portion of the website and drilling down to the specific make/model/year of your car, you can find out what manufacturer ordered recalls went out agains that particular car. With that information, you can call your local dealer to see if your car has been checked out and had that recall issue addressed.

A car owner can also go to the complaint section to see if there were complaints against a specific vehicle. By selecting their make/model and year, they will be able to view cars by VIN number and see if there is any data on their specific car.

By doing specific research about a car you are planning to buy and insisting on a carfax report if you are buying from a dealer (or purchasing one yourself if from a private party), you will have the confidence of knowing that your purchase is not a problem vehicle.

For more information car recalls and complaints, visit

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