What is the best internet security camera?

I've tried the X10 Xcam2's, and while their ideas were good, the lenses
were horrible and completely worthless.
I tried the D-Link 2100+, but it's not weatherproof.
Is there anything else out there for outdoor use in which I can use my
pc as a rder and monitoring device?

The Toshiba WB11A is a good camera for outdoor use. It mounts on a wall
and has pan, tilt & 2x zoom. It connects to the net via wired ethernet
or built in wireless and has an SD card slot for internal rding as
well as the ability to feed a rder or rd via FTP.   Wait, it
gets better!  The camera has superb low light capability, DDNS function,
motion detection with masking and alarm functions.
 I've had one for about 8 months and I'm very pleased with it. We've had
some tropical storms with blowing rain with up to 92 mph gusts and the
camera has remained watertight.  Customer service is good too.
 My camera had a minor focus problem that apparently was common for a
certain production run so Toshiba advance shipped me a new one so I'd
only have to set up the ladder once to change it. They were very good at
follow up.