International Biometric Group to Host Teleconference Series Today: Guest Speaker from Capital One

IBG hosts a discussion of biometrics in the financial sector.

February 10, 2005 -- In these teleconferences, IBG will focus in on biometrics in the financial sector, addressing questions such as:

- Why is Capital One looking to deploy biometrics?
- What is the latest news in biometrics?
- How can biometrics assist in safeguarding your assets?

This month's teleconference series features three topics. Participants can select from any of the following three tracks, which will be broadcast live in 10 to 15 minute intervals:

Pulse on Biometrics: The Latest News (1:00 PM ET) What did Peter Jennings say about biometrics on primetime television? What European country is the newest to begin implementing biometric passports? Which iris vendor has just introduced a handheld camera that has been field-tested in the United Arab Emirates? Which airport is the newest to embark on a US-VISIT Biometric Exit Pilot? The answers to these pressing questions will be broadcast during this session.

Guest Speaker: Scott Sykes of Capital One (1:10 PM ET) Capital One recently engaged International Biometric Group to investigate the business case for several employee-facing biometric implementations. Scott Sykes, Group Manager of Strategic Technology at Capital One, will discuss the results of this high-profile study, and will explain what Capital One is currently doing with biometrics.

Industry Focus: Biometrics and the Financial Sector (1:20 PM ET) Banking and financial services represent significant growth areas for biometric technology, with a wide range of large-scale deployments currently implemented and a steady stream of new deployments being announced. This segment will discuss the roles that biometrics can play in the financial sector as well as the technologies commonly deployed in this industry. This segment will also highlight recent biometric deployments in financial services.

There is no fee to participate in IBG's teleconference series.
Visit for further details.

Listeners can join the teleconference by calling: 212-931-9772 or by logging on to the following links:

To access the call via Real Live Player, visit:

To access the call via Windows Media Live, visit:

For more information, contact Maud Meister at e-mail protected from spam bots or call 212-809-9491.

Introducing BIO1
IBG announces the public launch of Bio1 (, a subscription-based, online database of exclusive biometric reports, information, and industry analysis. An indispensable tool for government and commercial decision-makers, Bio1 is a one-stop resource for organizations requiring in-depth, up-to-date information on biometric technologies, products, vendors, deployments, and events.

Users may register online for a free limited access demonstration account at To receive pricing and subscription information, please call 212-809-9491.

International Biometric Group:
Founded in 1996, International Biometric Group, LLC is the biometric industry's leading independent integration and consulting firm. IBG has extensive hands-on experience with every biometric technology, including fingerprint, face, hand, iris, voice, and signature.

Working on behalf of private and government clients, IBG evaluates, designs, and integrates biometric solutions for Internet applications, public sector programs, network security, point of sale applications, and physical access systems. Learn more at

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