Inspection System detects small web defects in real-time

FLAW SCAN? SYSTEM Provides Real-Time Detection of 0.3mm2 Defects on 2-Meter Wide Webs, Running at 200 Meters/Min

FLAW SCAN SYSTEM is a complete smart system for Web inspection, ideal for paper, nonwovens, plastic films, metal foil manufacturing. It contains embedded hardware & software with proven i2S technology for real-time defect detection on continuous web products.


Real-time display of defect images, allowing immediate corrective action,

Real-time roll-map showing defect locations,

Statistical analysis of defect content for each roll,

Power defect classification tool,

Programmable alarm settings for each defect class,

Easy-to-use operator interface for configuring system-no custom s/w required.

FLAW SCAN SYSTEM provides cost savings by reducing defective product returns. It inspects the production, guaranteeing a constant level of quality and making the end customer confident. FLAW SCAN SYSTEM follows the customer needs, in term of quality and productivity, thanks to a scalable architecture, suitable for both low-speed, narrow web and high-speed, wide web applications.

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A FLAW SCAN SYSTEM Success story

To ensure a 100% defect-free nonwoven material, FLAW SCAN SYSTEM has been integrated in a production line of a major worldwide supplier of embossed, breathable, elastomeric, and non-woven laminate films for healthcare and hygiene markets. It inspects a 2-meter wide web (slit into many lanes) running at 200 meters/min, providing real-time detection as small as 0.3mm2. In this application, FLAW SCAN SYSTEM classifies defects by lane, and is able to differentiate between small texture dots in the product and real defects.

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Camera Link Splitter

i2S Line Scan has developed a very useful and simple solution for parallel image processing of line scan camera data: the Camera Link Splitter module. This product also works as a 'repeater' allowing extended length of Camera Link? cables.

The Camera Link Splitter has one Camera Link? (single Base configuration) input and provides two identical Camera Link? outputs. This allows a single output from a line scan camera to be routed to two line scan boards and PCs, enabling parallel processing in high speed inspection applications. Additional modules may be cascaded to increase the number of PCs that can receive the same image data.

The module also functions as a 'repeater', allowing a 10-meter extension in cable length, for each module in series.

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i2S Line Scan expands its distribution network to CHINA and TAIWAN:

-> i2S Line Scan has just opened a new office in SHANGHAI ¨C CHINA, providing sales and marketing support for the FLAW SCAN SYSTEM throughout China.

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-> We are pleased to announce the appointment of PHOTON-TECH INSTRUMENTATIONS as the i2S Line Scan distributor in TAIWAN, providing support for our full range of line scan boards, software and smart systems.

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i2S Line Scan events

i2S Line Scan will attend ANEX 2003, SHANGAI, December 15-17, 2003 in CHINA. ANEX 2003 is the International Nonwovens Exhibition and Conference organised by ANFA. Come and visit us at booth #1A02.

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Do not hesitate to contact us for free pass to the show.

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Inspection System detects small web defects in real-time.

November 28, 2003 08:45 - FLAW SCAN SYSTEM detects 0.3mm2 defects on 2 m wide webs, running at 200 m/min. It contains embedded hardware and software with i2S technology for real-time defect detection on continuous web products. Features include real-time display and roll-map, statistical analysis of defect content, and power defect classification tool. Programmable alarm settings are offered for each defect class. Applications include paper, nonwovens, plastic films, metal-foil manufacturing.

Company Information:
Name: i2S Line Scan
Address: P.O. Box 9028
City: Niskayuna
State: NY
ZIP: 12309-0028
Country: USA
Phone: 888-842-7872
FAX: 518-346 4134

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