Insight Concepts Releases a New James Bond Style Software Product

Insight Concepts releases the highly anticipated security software Cloak v8.0.

January 24, 2005 -- Today Insight Concepts released their ground-breaking new software product Cloak v8.0, and at first glance it resembles something directly out of a James Bond film.

Cloak is a unique security package designed to protect your personal information and documents from prying eyes. Cloak can quickly compress and encrypt all of your important documents into a secure cloak file. Cloak files are useful for protecting both small and large documents and cannot be opened without the correct password.

Cloak also allows users to hide documents within ordinary digital images using Random Pixel Steganography. R.P.S is a new form of Steganography which stores bits of data in the random pixels of an image. Files hidden with Cloak are completely undetectable and secure from prying eyes.

If e-mail privacy is a concern, Cloak can also protect all outgoing e-mail with the new innovative Cloak Mail feature. Cloak Mail allows users to send and receive E-mails that are encrypted and appear completely blank to the naked eye. Cloak Mail makes it very easy to send and receive protected e-mails, and even the most novice computer user can be up and running within minutes. Cloak can be fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook which greatly enhances workflow and allows you to send secure files & e-mails directly from Cloak.

In addition to protecting documents and e-mails, Cloak also provides industry standard internet trace cleaning options. Permanently erase cookies, temporary internet documents, internet history files, recently typed URLs, and much more.

Cloak is an ideal software package for security conscious individuals who store or share very sensitive data with colleagues, family, or friends, and require that data to remain secure. Whether at home or at work, Cloak provides the necessary security to protect your privacy.

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