Insert a Time and Date Stamp Onto Your Security Video

  • Inserts time and date onto video
  • Adjustable brightness

    Installing security cameras around your home can provide surveillance as well as peace of mind. By connecting a camera to your VCR, you can even record the data for later viewing. But it's no longer necessary to upgrade your good old video cassette recorder in order to have the time and date on screen for these security backups: The Time Date Generator can project the information on the screen and thus on the tape, so you'll know exactly when events occurred.

    The Time Date Generator can display one or two lines of the date and time on your video recording. You can determine the extent of the year/month/date and hour/minute/second information available. Additional features include adjustable text brightness.

    The Time Date Generator has two BNC connections; connect to your VCR using an RCA cable with a BNC to RCA adapter (both sold separately).


    ATV Research Product No.:

    8.6" x 6" x 2.25"

    1.5 lbs.



    Text Lines:
    1 or 2

  • Time Date Generator

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