Innovative Locking Systems Surelock Hardware and Accessories

Manufacturer: Innovative Locking Systems
Model: Surelock
Category: Hardware and Accessories

Purchase: I searched on the internet looking for a way to prevent a forced entry into my home and prevent a home invasion. I soon realized how vulnerable I was. I watched thier video and was totally amazed how easy it was for the intruder to kick in my door. Then the surelock was installed and even a forklift couldn't damage it. I ordered it through the website at, it arrived within days, I paid $99 and it is worth every penny. Website (

Likes: The surelock makes me feel safe and secure in my own home again. They claim it can withstand over 5000lbs of force, They have a video on thier website to prove this. One of the greatest features of the Sure-Lock is, it will allow you to safely open your door to view visitors while the lock is engaged. This feature also allows alarm activation without forced entry. It comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Dislikes: I like it very very much. I just wish I had bought one sooner.

Quality: The lock is made out of high quality heavy duty steel and brass components and built to last. It comes in a nice bright polished brass finish. It is simple in design and built to last a lifetime.

Summary: I liked this product so much I installed one in my mother's house. It truelly is a very strong door lock. Deadbolts give us a false sense of security.

Rating: 5

Author: Eugene Jeepster

Date: 2004-05-27

Usefulness Rating: 0 out of 5.
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