Innovative Ideas on Family Safety and Security
Most of us successfully rely on our common sense to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. We practice good safety habits and pay special attention to protecting those we consider most vulnerable, especially children and seniors.

However, in this fast-paced and constantly changing world, it's a good idea for family members of all ages to review good safety practices and discover innovative ways to enhance overall family security.

In addition to using your ADT monitored security system consistently and making sure that all household members know how to arm and disarm it, here are some other good safety practices to consider:

- Plan and practice a home evacuation plan in case of fire and know where the safe places are in your home in case of a storm.

- Develop an emergency communication plan. Ask both a local and an out-of-town family member or friend to be emergency contacts. Instruct all family members how to communicate with the contacts via phone, cell phone and email. If family members become separated in a disaster situation, everyone should first communicate with the contacts who can relay information.

- Keep your records safe. Make two photocopies of vital documents and put one in a safe deposit box and put one in a fireproof box in your home.

- Make a complete inventory of your home, garage and surrounding property.

- Include ADT Fire and Carbon monoxide monitoring on your ADT monitored security system.

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