Innovative Camera Bag Company Launched by Veteran Designer

Veteran camera bag designer Doug Murdoch launches Think Tank Photo, a company dedicated to creating camera bags and accessories based upon input from professional photographers.

Santa Rosa, CA January 20, 2005 -- For veteran photographic equipment bag creator Doug Murdoch, designing camera bags and accessories is more than a craft, it is a cause. "Many of history's greatest moments are captured only because the photographer was ready 'Before the Moment,' intuitively pressing the shutter before the definitive moment occurred," said Murdoch. The goal of his new company, Think Tank Photo (, is to design inventive carrying solutions, based upon photographer behavioral input, that help them capture these moments.

Murdoch served as vice president of design and production for Lowepro USA. Previously he was a part owner with Lowepro owner Daymen Photo Marketing of Fluxion, Inc. Fluxion was responsible for Lowepro's product designs from 1992 to 2001, where he was considered to be the lead designer.

"Said Murdoch, "Our design philosophy at Think Tank Photo is simple: We listen to photographers only and work with them to create inventive new carrying solutions, focusing on speed and accessibility. The needs of photographers actually direct our product development schedule."

Joining Murdoch in launching Think Tank Photo are Mike Sturm, who was the primary designer for the Lowepro's award-winning DryZone 200 Backpack, and, as advisors, San Francisco Chronicle staff photographers Deanne Fitzmaurice and Kurt Rogers.

The company's first products include The Pro Modulus Speed Set, a 12-piece modular set whose components rotate around the belt or can be locked in place for security, letting photographers configure them exactly the way they need them to work. Said Murdoch, "Our Modulus system is the next generation of modular, in the sense that it gives the photographer multiple carrying options and flexibility, is specifically designed for digital SLR's, and the fact that the modular components can rotate or lock on the waist-belt."

Think Tank Photo also released the Airport Addicted, "for those photographers who to seem perpetually addicted to airports and travel." This rugged backpack allows photographers to carry the maximum amount of gear on the plane in a legally sized carryon bag. Said Murdoch, "This backpack was designed to allow the photographer to carry the maximum amount of equipment on the plane, specifically so would not have to check their big lenses like a 400 2.8 and the 300 2.8."

"We're obsessed about the details," said Murdoch, "what we call "The last 3%. This is because these details are the difference between an average and an excellent product. Like the YKK Duracoil Zippers that we use inside and out on all of our products, or the fact that we have a "No PVC" design policy.

"If we can design products that help photographers travel easier, take pictures faster, and organize their gear more efficiently," said Murdoch, "then we will have accomplished something beyond the bags themselves."

About Think Tank Photo:
Headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, Think Tank Photo is a group of designers and professional photographers focused on studying how photographers work and developing inventive new carrying solutions that meet their needs. They are dedicated to using only the highest quality materials and design principles, and employing materials that are environmentally benign.

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