InControl Quadcam + 4 cameras - MASSIVE SAVING

Since it's launch in October of last year, InControl Quadcam has rapidly established itself as the market-leading PC-based home CCTV system. To celebrate that success, we've put together a fantastic offer that - for a limited time - gives you the chance to get your hands on an InControl Quadcam system complete with a full set of four colour CCTV cameras for less than £300 - that's an amazing saving of almost £80 off the RRP...

InControl Quadcam is supplied with all you need to get your PC-based home CCTV system up and running - including a full set of FOUR full colour CCTV cameras and camera cabling! For just £299, you can enjoy the following benefits...

  • Watch over four different parts of your property at once!
  • Uses weather-proof cameras for indoor and outside use!
  • Program your home's lighting to react to alarm activations!
  • Video motion detection and PIR alarm triggers!
  • Timelapse and event-driven digital recording!
  • Supports up to four multifunction cameras!
  • See all four cameras onscreen at once!
  • Manual, event-driven and schedule automation control!

    Works via USB - makes installation a breeze! And don't forget - As well as enjoying the benefits of the most sophisticated home CCTV system on the market, you'll also SAVE £80! You'd