ITTIA announces support for db.* on the ARM platform

ITTIA is proud to announce that it has confirmed db.* support for Linux on the ARM processor.

March 4, 2005 -- Almost all devices made these days have a microprocessor, and microprocessors will become ubiquitous as time passes. Many devices are based on ARM processors. ARM is a leader in producing cost-effective and power-efficient processors for mobile devices and ITTIA is proud to announce that it has confirmed db.* support for Linux on the ARM processor.

This announcement opens up thousands of new development possibilities. Since ITTIA announced its support for db.* last August, developers have been learning about this open source, fast, small-footprint embedded database. The ARM processor is already used in thousands of Linux-powered devices, including routers, cell phones, cameras and other devices, and db* will make it possible to make these devices even better.

db.* has no development or runtime license fees associated with it. It is free to download from the ITTIA website, and includes all source code. Paid Club ITTIA members also receive code updates, upgrades and access to a growing set of test suites for db.*. Support is available for free from the community, and paid professional support contracts are available from ITTIA at very competitive prices.

The needs of embedded developers are fundamentally different from the needs of other developers. Devices, especially mobile devices, need to focus on creating code that gets the required tasks done using a minimum of power. This means that creating tight, efficient code is paramount. db.* on the ARM processor is an ideal solution to this challenge: its small footprint (less than 200K) and combination network- and relational model enable developers to write code that meets requirements for functionality while maximizing battery life and speed; and minimizing CPU usage, heat and memory requirements.

Another major benefit of db.* for devices is ACID-compliance, which means that when there is a power interruption or the system crashes, db.* will recover everything up to the last committed transaction. db.* code is mature and has been selected in various embedded applications for over 20 years.

ITTIA is also inviting developers who write code for Linux on ARM to join our Club ITTIA community. Club ITTIA is a place where developers who use embedded databases share information about their experiences and ITTIA database solutions. Club ITTIA helps keep developers from duplicating efforts already made by others to compare which database is appropriate for a given task, and helps them find answers to questions.
For more information about db.*, visit the ITTIA website at

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