IPIX and VistaScape Partner for Intelligent Video Surveillance Mapping

IPIX Corporation, a supplier of 360-degree, immersive imaging technologies for visual intelligence applications, announced today a technology partnership integrating VistaScape's SiteIQ surveillance software with IPIX CommandView cameras. The partnership will provide at-risk facilities the ability to detect, analyze and respond to potential security risks before they take place using SiteIQ's graphical map interface and automated surveillance analysis.

"IPIX's surveillance cameras represent the highest level of video surveillance sensor technology," said Glenn McGonnigle, president and CEO of VistaScape. "SiteIQ harnesses the full capabilities of CommandView's 360-degree, immersive field-of-view and provides automated, policy-based detection for government and commercial enterprises."

Unlike video analytic point solutions, VistaScape's SiteIQ performs automated video analysis and provides real-time situational detail through an interactive graphical user interface. The map displays the entire facility on a single screen, allowing security personnel to view sensor detail--video, chemical detection, radar, access control, etc.--on demand, as well as receive real-time alerts when detected activity breaches pre-set security policies. As a principal sensor in the SiteIQ platform, the CommandView camera enhances SiteIQ's capabilities by providing a continuous 360-degree field-of-view.

A single IPIX camera can be used in conjunction with SiteIQ to perform both continuous video analysis and object tracking--typically requiring a minimum of two cameras to perform--providing a greater level of functionality and reducing the number of necessary cameras, infrastructure and installation costs.

"Using a traditional single camera approach for situational awareness and video analysis is like reading a book looking through a soda-straw," said IPIX President and CEO Clara Conti. "You can read the words, but you are only getting a few letters at a time. IPIX's immersive imaging technology provides security personnel a continuous high-resolution video feed of the entire 360-degree field-of-view, allowing for accurate evaluation of the situation and the real-time coordination of appropriate response."

SiteIQ solutions are currently protecting national borders, industrial facilities, transportation and shipping hubs, and military bases.

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