IP cameras in new facility
I am looking to put roughly 30-40 ip cameras on the network through out a coal washing plant. But i would like to not only have the cameras playing on computers. What i need them to do is to somehow convert the ip digital signal back into analog signal so I could you a standard cctv or normal Tv vidio input or through a video multiplexer, for the main control room can have about 6 TVs above them scrolling through camera footage.
I have been looking around and can find many analog video to ip digital video converts but no one seems to have the opposite.
Can any please offer some assistance on possible solutions that could help me out.


Hello Murray,

You need Video Decoders which convert IP Digital Back into CCTV.  There are three ways to accomplish this.

1) Get IP Network cameras that also have a CCTV output

Axis 2420 - http://www.axis.com/products/cam_2420/index.htm

Most of the Sony IP cameras have a analog output
SNC-RZ30N, etc.

2) Get IP Network Video servers that also have a CCTV output

Almost all of the Video servers support In/Out for the Analog signal.

3) Get Video decorder that converts IP Digital Video into CCTV/Analog.

Axis 292 Video Decoder

ACTi SED-3200 Video Transcoder


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