Internet Security Camera IP Web Server Smaller Than A Pack Of Cigarettes

Observe & Control CamView internet cameras from windows based internet connected computers by inputting the CamView IP number in internet explorer address bar, enter username password. You can then setup digital recording, motion detection, auto event notify, control 2 CamView pan/tilt survalence cameras and setup schedule recording to suit your needs. View un-limited CamView locations on one monitor with Multiview software.

Very Small CamView IP Server


What is it?

CamView is an affordable solution to your surveillance and security needs. It is developed based on network technology. Basically, this device allows the user to stream live video images directly to the internet without a PC.  In another words, CamView itself will act as your server/gateway to the internet specifically for streaming video images - live.



In addition to substantial cost savings by eliminating the need for a PC, the user also enjoy greater flexibility.  It's compact size (48mm  x 63mm x 21mm) and light weight (75grams), allows the device to be easily installed almost anywhere.   You can now have a monitoring survalence camera installed at a location of your choice.


Among some of it's capabilities include motion detection. It can be configured such that motion detected will be recorded onto your local hard drive.  It can handle up to 30 viewers and can set up to 8 user accounts.




The Network :

CamView utilizes the current internet infrastructure to stream video and share it with the world.  The common methods of achieving this is;

1. Using a cable/xDSL modem,

2. with an ADSL line, and

3. shared through a router in a LAN

 CamView features a DDNS for users with dynamic IP as well as a PPPoE option for dial-up users.  The network diagram below illustrates how CamView streams live internet camera images to the internet.