IP Video Camera and Gateway enable surveillance over Web

IP Video Camera and Gateway enable surveillance over Web.

Measuring 3.875 x 2.5 x 1.625 in., weather-resistant VCAM-I Network/IP Video Camera offers transmission speeds from 5 frames/sec with 640 x 480 resolution to 25 frames/sec with 160 x 120. ViP-GATEWAY Universal 4-Camera IP Module connects up to 4 analog video cameras for monitoring over Internet. Users can look in anytime or have security system trigger video emails on alarm. Video can be auto-archived for later review. Product also supports 802.11G wireless networks.

NAPCO Introduces New VCAM-i Network/IP Video Camera & ViP-GATEWAY Universal 4-Camera IP Module!

NAPCO Security Systems, Inc., Amityville, NY is proud to introduce two new products to our new NAPCO Internet Video product line! NAPCO VCAM-I Network/IP Video Camera & ViP-GATEWAY Universal 4-Camera IP Module are great products that allow for a new source of recurring revenue from new & existing accounts! VCAM-I is a video service that puts your residential and commercial accounts online with fast broadband internet video. You can watch your premises on any PC or video cellphone. The ViP-GATEWAY is a module that enables the connection of up to four analog video cameras of any brand to be monitored over the internet.

Customers can look in anytime or have their security system trigger video emails on alarm, for video verification, on opening and closings, zone opens with the new VCAM-i. If you are short on time, the video can be auto-archived for later review. There’s no sluggish dial up and no special software for the customers to install on their home or work PC either! And, 802.11G wireless networks are supported, too.

The VCAM-I is small in size but large in benefit. The VCAM-I is 3.875” x 2.5” x 1.625” and weighs a mere 5.3 oz. allowing it to be mounted just about anywhere. Transmission speed varies by resolution. High resolution (640x480) allows a maximum 5 frames/second; medium (320x240) allows a maximum of 15 frames/second and lastly, low (160x120) allows 25 frames/second. The camera is weather resistant, withstanding temperatures from 0 degrees Celsius up to 55 degrees Celsius.

Existing accounts’ analog cameras can be put online with NAPCO’s VIP GATEWAY. It is much more affordable than other dial-up models. You can connect up to 4 cameras of any brand for seamless video verification and monitoring over broadband internet. The VCAM-I is a great all-in-one internet video solution.

The ViP-GATEWAY has 4 channel video inputs, NTSC or PAL and has an email send function. With 14 pre-alarm images per channel and a reset button, you may revert back to your original settings with just the press of a button and pull of a plug. There are 2 trigger inputs x channel (Normally closed) 8 ports for trigger-in contact, which supports a wide range of trigger devices simultaneously. There is also a built-in *motion detection scan time x 4 channels: 1 second. (Approximately 250 msec x channel).

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