IFS Introduces New Transmitter/Receiver for Extending Up-the-Coax Camera Control

IFS, a GE Security subsidiary, has introduced its VDT/VDR1505WDM line of transmission products that allow PTZ camera systems that utilize up-the-coax control systems to extend transmission distances to 50 kilometers. The digital design of this product allows the time delay encountered by earlier coax and optical solutions to be easily overcome.

The VDT/VDR1505WDM is designed for use with major manufacturers' systems such as the Bosch Bi-Linx, Panasonic Proteus system, and the Pelco Coaxitron and others who use an up-the-coax camera control data transmission system. The module is ideal for all CCTV installations and can be used with in any application where up the coax control has been limited by distance.

"Camera control utilizing over the coax systems have always been a great idea," said Steve Rutkowski, IFS product manager. "It was a cost benefit to the installing dealer to not require an extra twisted pair of wires and made for a neat installation while saving all parties a few extra dollars of materials and labor. We believe all of the major camera manufacturers will endorse the VDTVDR 1505WDM series as a practical solution for extending 'Up-the-Coax' transmission distances thereby increasing the number of applications for these product lines."

The IFS VDTVDR1505WDM Series delivers high-quality 10 bit digital video that promises to deliver EIA/TIA RS250-C Short Haul Video Performance up to the specified distance. It is also comes standard as a WDM model and only utilizes one fiber to pass video and camera control data. It is available as a multimode or single-mode fiber unit.

As the with all IFS products, the new VDT/VDR1505 series is rugged and meets to meet the requirements of NEMA TS-1/TS-2 and Caltrans specs. The new VDT/VDR1505 can operate in an ambient operating temperature range of -40 to +74 degrees C.

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