IC Board detects motion in video signal
IC Board detects motion in video signal.

August 31, 2004 07:45 - Model VMD-19 is 18-pin, 0.6 in. wide mini IC board that directly connects to composite video signal to detect motion of objects within video signal, transforming vision system into intelligent video motion-detecting surveillance device. When movement is detected, an output signal is given that starts VCR to record the scene. Once motion stops, VCR stops recording. It eliminates need for external triggering devices or separate PIR motion sensor.

VMD19 Video Motion Detector Analyzes Video Signal to Detect Motion

Pittsford, New York. VMD-19 is a patent pending, 18 pin, standard 0.6" wide mini IC board. It can be directly connected to a composite video signal to detect motion of objects within the video signal. It has been called the most cost effective, intelligent and compact Video Motion Detector module available for CCTV equipment manufacturers.

VMD-19 analyses a video signal to detect motion, transforming a vision system into an intelligent video motion-detecting surveillance device. When movement is detected within the video signal, an output signal is given, which can be used to start a VCR to automatically record the scene. Once the motion stops, the VCR can stop recording. This avoids hours of recording and reviewing non-eventful static images. There is no need for external triggering devices, additional wiring or costs. No need either for a separate PIR motion sensor, which usually requires a bulky IR lens.

VMD-19 has adjustable sensitivity, but automatically adjusts to scene light level C even slow changes in illumination such as the sun coming out. VMD-19 is suitable for worldwide use, since it is compatible with NTSC, PAL, EIA, CCIR and SECAM video standards. There is even a digital output upon signal loss, and VMD-19 can also activate a buzzer or auto-dialer to alert a security personnel.

Designed for inclusion in security cameras, VCR designs, video switchers, quad processors, multiplexers, VMD-19 is very easy to integrate with existing designs. When monitoring an environment with four cameras and one monitor, the monitor can be made to automatically switch to the camera viewing a moving image.

VMD-19 is also available as boxed unit VMD-19M Watchit for immediate connection to a VCR or alarm system. VMD-19 is $33.00 and VMD-19M Watchit is $156.00. Both are available now from Saelig Co. Inc. Pittsford, NY.

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Alan Lowne

Saelig Co.

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Saelig Company, Inc.

1160-D2, Pittsford-Victor Road

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General Information:
Alan Lowne
Phone: 585-385-1750
FAX: 585-385-1768

Company Information:
Name: Saelig Company, Inc
Address: 1160-D2 Pittsford-Victor Road
City: Pittsford
State: NY
ZIP: 14534
Country: USA
Phone: 585-385-1750
FAX: 585-385-1768

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