Home Security System: Is yours "Pet-Friendly"?
Burglars despise barking dogs and alarm systems despise jumping cats, but with some initial thought, planning and new technology, your pet can now live in harmony with a home security system and you can continue to enjoy that welcomed feeling of security.

Home security systems have come a long way over the past few years and are now able to be designed with little impact on not only your lifestyle, but also on your pet's lifestyle. Older alarm systems were not very good at being able to identify the difference between a burglar entering a home or a cat walking to its litter box, but with new "pet-immune" motion sensors incorporated into your system's design, alarms can now allow both dogs and cats to enjoy their freedom without setting off any false alarms. False alarms can not only wake you out of a deep sleep or annoy neighbors during the day, but they can also generate unneeded visits from your local authorities.

These newer "pet-immune" motion sensors should be considered during the initial evaluation and design of a home's security system--not only for your current and future pet plans, but also for the next homeowner who could also benefit from a pet-friendly system.

Another great improvement, is with glassbreak sensors, which are also a great way to keep your pet's lifestyle intact while keeping your home's perimeter protected. These small electronic devices can be placed in a room and constantly monitor for any window breakage during the day or night, while continuing to let both you and your pet move throughout the home without the system needing a code to disarm.

With the recent introduction of wireless one-touch keychain remote controls (otherwise known as key fobs), the ease of arming or disarming your home security system without the need for those hard to remember codes has gotten a whole lot simpler. This can be particularly important when your system is armed and your pet needs a bathroom break or when you are returning home to a very excited pup looking for some immediate attention.

Pets play a significant role in many of our lives today and with a properly planned pet-friendly home security system, both you and your pet's lifestyles can be minimally impacted while still gaining that welcomed feeling of security.

Timothy Beisner is a 3rd generation security system expert and owner of Electro Alarms Company, Inc., a full-service alarm company offering security system design, installation and service since 1931 primarily serving the Northwest Ohio and Atlanta, Georgia regions. Tim spent a majority of his childhood and adolescence in the security system industry, after earning his bachelors of science degree in business administration and spending 10 years working in corporate finance, product management and marketing, he returned to the security industry to utilize his knowledge and better promote the "welcomed feeling of security" that a well designed alarm system can provide. For any additional information or future topic suggestions, please contact Tim via email at e-mail protected from spam bots, by phone at 678-787-3003 or online at http://www.ElectroAlarms.com

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