Home Security Locker Safe
Safe Security lockers come in three styles: the safe gun locker, the safe rifle locker, and the safe home security locker. These safe lockers are developed to be used by law enforcement personnel and citizens who understand the responsibility of owning a handgun or rifle. These security locker safes comes with a 1 year warranty!

These locker safes are developed to be used by law enforcement personnel and citizens who understand the responsibility of owning a rifle or hand gun.

Quick Access: Firearm in hand within seconds by entering 4 digit code before opening door. Holsters mounted on door for rapid access. No fumbling with keys or manual locks for entry!!!

Security: Pry resistant door and personal code prevent unauthorized entry. Bolted to wall studs with 4 lag bolts for added theft prevention. Made with 14 gauge steel. Weighs 50 lbs. Protects your family from unauthorized use.

Firearms Close at Hand: Multiple guns easily concealed in almost any location of a home or business. Enter your 4 digit code, press the enter key, turn the bolt release, open the door in seconds.

Easy to Install: Installed with simple tools in about 20-30 minutes. Installation guide and all hardware included. No AC wiring. In wall installation saves space. The same as the Rifle locker, but only 25" high instead of 60". Low battery gives audible and visual warning when battery needs charging. Durable powder coat finish. Tamper alert system notifies owner of unauthorized entry attempt with both visual and audible alarms. Lined with plush, soft material to protect firearms and valuables from damage. 3 half inch diameter casehardened steel bolts secure door. Keypad lights up with just a touch. 2 holsters for pistols can be mounted on door (OPTIONAL). Key bypass to enter unit. Comes with two shelves that can be used for ammunition or other valuables. Additional setup possibilities are as follows: 4 shelves or 2 shelves & 2 holsters or 3 shelves & 1 holster. Attractive and durable, off white, powder coated, finish. Industrial grade 12 volt .SLA.. 7 amp/hr rechargeable battery with charger for years of trouble free use. (Charger included with unit.) Installs with 4 lag bolts.

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