Home Security Introduction


Although a person’s home may be his of her castle, we certainly do not see a great deal of moot building in the 21st century. Of course, historically, the moot was the method of choice for keeping a castle safe and sound.

Even though we are not building moots in abundance at this point in world history, the need for home security remains a very real and important issue. Indeed, many people in countries like the United Kingdom, United States and elsewhere rate the need for competent and effective home security to be one of their overall top priorities.


For the mechanically nimble, there are on the market a number of do-it-your self home security kits that a person can install by his or her self.

Generally speaking, these products are designed to -- at least one some level -- wire windows and certain doorways for sound. In other words, these do-it-yourself kits allow a person to wire windows and doors in such a way that when the system or unit is activated, and a door or window subsequently is opened, an alarm will sound.

Calling in the Experts

When a person turns to a consideration of installing a home security system, more often than not he or she is going to turn to the assistance of professionals in the field. A professional home security company, as a rule, not only will install a home security system but will also provide at least some sort of monitoring of the system.

As an example, if the alarm attached to a home security system is activated by an intruder or otherwise after installation, an electronic notification will pass to the offices of the home security system. The communication with the home security system’s offices is instantaneous. The home security company is then expected automatically to notify the appropriate and proper authorities.

Man’s Best Friend

If you are strapped for cash and simply do not have room in your budget for any sort of installed electronic home security system, dogs have proven to be sound deterrents to criminals intent on invading your home space. (Of course, in the long run, you may actually end up spending more keeping a dog than you would an alarm system. But, as is obvious to most, pets provide other benefits as well.)

Statistics have demonstrated that a home in which a dog resides is significantly less likely to be burgled successfully than one without the presence of such a companion animal.

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