Home Security Basics

What are the basics to smart home security? Advances in home technology mean there are a lot of bells and whistles available, but there are some basics that you want to make sure you pay attention to. Some of them (like trimming trees and bushes around windows to eliminate hiding spots) don't cost much, while others (like a full home automation system and a monitored wireless alarm system) can get pricey. Here is a look at the simple stuff:

Home Security Basics

  • Key Control (Don't give out keys to people who don't live at your home; don't hide keys outside the house; have locks rekeyed if a key is lost)

  • Exterior Lighting (doorways and paths should be well lit at night so burglars don't have a place to hide)

  • Sensors (as part of your home security system, arm doors and windows with sensors to alert you to unauthorized entries)

  • Landscaping (when planting, keep doors and windows free of trees and bushes; privacy is great, but it also gives burglars a place to hide)

  • Fences & Gates (they are a deterrent, plus they make the removal of large items difficult)

  • Deadbolt Locks (a solid door with a deadbolt lock is one of the best deterrents)

  • Secure Glass & Garage Doors (glass doors should have window guards, security screening, or burglar-rated glazing--dowels alone won't keep a thief from removing a sliding glass door)

  • Alarm System (an alarm system is a good purchase and may even help lower homeowners' insurance, but keep in mind all of the above as well)