Holiday Gifts With No Strings Attached From X10
Seattle-- New products that operate using wireless technology provide practical and affordable options to impress even the most difficult person on your holiday gift list. Since the products actually send signals through walls without additional wiring, it?s a breeze to view important areas of your home or business on any TV, enjoy PC-based movies and pictures on the family room big screen, even record images of unwanted company entering your driveway while you?re at work.

X10?s wireless products make ideal gifts for friends and family members because they?re easy to set up, easy to use, and reasonably priced at less than $100 each:

* The XCam2 is an inexpensive alternative for home or business surveillance. With its built-in antennae, the camera can beam color video to its receiver, which you can plug into a television, VCR or computer. Experience the piece of mind of being able to view what?s happening in your child?s room while watching TV in bed. Increase efficiency in a small business by monitoring the front door for an all important Fed Ex delivery while working at your computer. The XCam2 sells for $79.99 (Additional equipment required for viewing on a computer.

* Showtime is a PC-to-TV photo sharing kit that broadcasts computer-based digital images to a television or big screen. The included software and remote control make it easy to create photo albums to enjoy from the comfort of the family room or den. No more squeezing the family around the puny 15? computer monitor to share memories of the latest vacation or birthday party. The Showtime kit sells for $99.99

* The FloodCam kit is like having a pair of eyes perched above the driveway that can detect motion and record video images. The all-in-one unit consists of a wireless camera and built-in motion sensor that can be wired directly to the existing electrical circuit. When motion is detected, the camera captures an image that can be permanently recorded on a VCR or PC for review and if needed to provide to law enforcement. The FloodCam sells for $79.99. (Additional equipment required for saving images on a VCR or PC)

* For the ActiveHome kit, think of the old Jetsons cartoon. George and his family could have used this PC-based solution to automatically adjust lighting and increase the likelihood that the coffee pot really was turned off following the morning rush. ActiveHome automatically sends on/off commands to lights and appliances. The included software makes it possible to schedule daily wake-up and go to bed routines that will continue to run even when the PC is turned off. The six-piece starter kit sells for $49.99.

?Our holiday gifts are in a class all by themselves,? said Alex Peder, President, X10 Wireless Technology, Inc. Skip the mall this year. One click at and you?re ready to fully enjoy the holiday season.?

To learn more about the benefits of X10?s wireless systems for automation, entertainment and surveillance in your home or office, visit

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