High-Tech Phone System Loaded With Features
  • 3 incoming CO (central office) lines, up to 8 extensions
  • Compatible with standard touchtone or rotary phones
  • Call transfer, call hold, call waiting, call forwarding conference calling, music on hold, do not disturb, and more. You have a thriving home business, two kids who love to talk on the phone, three telephone lines, two computers, CO based voice mail service and a fax machine. Needless to say, the lines of communication in your home are quite complex. This Panasonic Advanced Hybrid system can manage all of this and more, and at an affordable price that is easy on the pocketbook.

    Expressly designed to streamline home communications, this telephone system organizes your phone lines into a cohesive system and makes a host of advanced features available to each extension in your home. This, new easy-to-install telephone system comes with a modular Plug-and-Play design using RJ14 plugs, and it has basic station programming done at the factory, so the system is basically ready to use right out of the box. All of your residential, home office and fax lines can be accessed from any system phone jack. With the 3x8 phone system, you can make room-to-room intercom calls, forward your calls to an outside location, monitor a room, page all system extensions and more!

    Advanced Features:

    • Room-to-Room Intercom ! Makes it easy to check on other rooms. Finishing up some paperwork in your home office and need to find out if your child is ready for soccer practice? By using the room-to-room intercom feature, you can call them in their room and get the answer you need without leaving your desk.

    • Auto Answer ! This convenient option, for calls made from internal extensions only, lets the user answer a call instantly without picking up the receiver. When a call comes in, a beep will notify the receiving party and they can just start talking. This can be quite useful when the user's hands are not free to handle the phone or push buttons.

    • Room Monitor ! Allows you to silently monitor a room from any system phone in the house. The room being monitored must contain a proprietary system phone with a built-in speakerphone.

    • Door Phone & Door/Gate Opener ! This system has a built-in Doorphone and Door/Gate Opener Adapter Card which will add security to your home. With these options installed, the Advanced Hybrid Telephone Systems can interface with one or two door intercoms and control one or two electronic door contact closures. If you have more than one door intercom, you can assign each a unique ringing pattern to help you distinguish which one was pressed. You can also use the adapter cards to remotely control any compatible devices such as an electric door strike for opening doors.

    • Central Office Voice Mail Service Compatible ! If you subscribe to phone company voice mail service the user's phone messages are stored in their voice mailbox at the phone company's central office (CO). Each outside line can be assigned its own CO voice mailbox. When a voice mail message is left on any one of the three outside CO lines, the large message-waiting LED will flash on each system phone and the associated outside CO line button will also flash. By simply pressing the flashing outside CO line button and the "message" button on any extension, the user can access their messages at any time. And, by preprogramming a local access number, up to 24 digits, the user can avoid having to manually dial the number every time they want to retrieve a message.

    • System Speed Dial ! Allows you to program frequently called numbers into the system for quick and easy dialing from any system phone.

    • Single-Line Device Integration ! The system allows you to connect many types of single-line telephone devices such as answering machines, cordless phones, fax machines and computer modems directly to the system without the need for additional cards or modules. You save money by using equipment that you already own and by avoiding upgrade costs.

    • Paging ! Allows you to make a voice announcement simultaneously to all proprietary phones (#52201 and #52202). Rounding up the troops for dinner will be a breeze.

    • Off-Premises Call Forwarding ! This feature comes in handy if you're going to be away from home for awhile and don't want to miss any calls. Simply program the system to forward your calls to an outside telephone number or to your cellular phone and you can answer your calls wherever you go.

    • Flexible Ringing Assignment ! Allows you to decide which phones will ring on each line to help you customize your phone system.

    • Night Mode ! Great for children's rooms or a home office, this feature automatically prevents selected extensions from ringing at night.

    • Toll Restriction ! This feature allows you to prohibit certain outgoing calls by restricting selected system extensions from accessing specified area codes or exchanges.

    • Conferencing ! Allows you to combine two calls from two different lines together, so you can talk to both parties at the same time.

    • Background Music ! Connect an appropriate audio source to the system and you can play music through any proprietary phone with a built-in speakerphone. When the phone rings or the handset is lifted, the music will temporarily stop.

    • Caller ID ! System display phones (#52202) can show the name and number of an incoming caller, even if you're on another call. The system can log up to 20 unanswered calls per extension and up to 300 calls system-wide, making it easy for you to return missed calls. (Requires subscription to fee-based telephone company services.)

    • Dimensions: 14.5" x 11.8" x 3.75"

    Compatible Phones:
    The 3x8 phone system works with standard, off-the-shelf touchtone phones, or Panasonic phones for convenient one-touch access to the system features (#52201 and #52202).

    Panasonic Speakerphone (#52201)
    A 12-button speakerphone telephone available in white. 12 programmable line/feature buttons including the following keys: automatic redial, auto answer, mute, auto dial, store, message, intercom/conference, forward/do not disturb (DND), program, pause/transfer, voice mail. Panasonic part # KX-TA30820, KX-TA30820-B
    Now available in black (#52201B)
    Note: This phone only works with the system above (#5210A)

    Panasonic Speakerphone LCD Display (#52202)
    A 12-button speakerphone telephone available in white. A 12-button speakerphone telephone with backlit single line LCD display. Shares the same features as (#52201) and has a backlit single line LCD display ! for displaying caller ID, messages, etc. Panasonic part # KX-TA30830, KX-TA30830-B
    Now available in black (#52202B)
    Note: This phone only works with the system above (#5210A)