High-Performance Modulation at an Affordable Price
Digital readout displays modulated channel

  • Gold inputs/outputs to prevent oxidation and diminished performance

  • Isolated left and right inputs improve audio performance

    The Cable Electronics Single-Channel Prograde Modulator is a high-performance modulator with a price tag that's only a fraction of the deluxe models. The prograde modulator is perfect for affordable distribution of any audio/video signal〞including satellite receivers, DVD players, and VCRs〞to any TV in your home. With the single-channel prograde modulator's easy setup, push-button selectors, and LED display, distributing your video signals is quick and easy. and RCA audio/video cable sold separately.

    Details and Specifications
    The single-channel prograde modulator offers several features not found in other modulators in this price range, such as a digital readout, gold inputs/outputs, and full channel memory after power outages. Other value-added features of the prograde modulator include digital PLL tuning to eliminate channel drift and isolated left and right inputs for improved audio performance. The single-channel prograde modulator has a push-button mode selector to make it easy to choose between UHF, CATV, HRC, or IRC modes; and the channel selector buttons allow you to choose which of the available RF channels you want to modulate to.


    Cable Electronics Part #

    height: 1.25" (3.175cm)
    width: 3.5" (8.89cm)
    depth: 3.5" (8.89cm)

    .05 lbs. (.023kg)

    transformer input: 120V AC, 60Hz, 9W
    transformer output: 15V DC, 400mA

    Signal Input
    one (1) video input
    (left & right monaural)

    Signal Output
    one (1) RF output to TV

    Frequency Ranges
    UHF: channels 14每69
    CATV: channels 65每94 and 100每125
    HRC & IRC: channels 65每94 and 100每125

    one year

    What's Included

    • Single-Channel Prograde Modulator Base Unit
    • AC Adapter
    • User Manual