HiTech Global Distribution expands IP Portfolio with USB 2.0 Cores

HiTech Global Distribution, LLC today announced the availability of the "USB 2.0 On-The-Go (OTG)" and "USB 2.0 Device" IP Cores designed by ASIC World Services, Ltd.

San Jose, CA February 10, 2005 -- USB OTG is a supplement to the USB 2.0 specification meant to increase the capability of existing mobile devices and USB peripherals by adding host functionality for connections to USB peripherals. The OTG supplement addresses mobile inter-connectivity and defines a way for portable devices, through only one mini connector, to connect to supported USB products in addition to the PC.

The USB 2.0 On-The-Go IP Core operates as peripheral or OTG host in a point-to-point communications with another USB device. The OTG IP Core supports Low Speed, Full Speed and High Speed transfers and automatic line speed negotiation.

The USB 2.0 OTG IP Core comes with the industry standard UTMI+ L2 or the the new low pin count ULPI interface. Any of-the-shelf UTMIL+ L2 or ULPI compliant PHY or PHY IP can be used with the OTG IP Core. Additional technical information is available at: http://www.hitechglobal.com/IPCores/usbotgfshs.htm

The USB 2.0 Device IP Core provides high performance small footprint solution for quick and easy implementation of a USB Device interface. Additional technical information is available at: http://www.hitechglobal.com/IPCores/usbdevice.htm

"The FPGA and Silicon-proven USB 2.0 IP cores designed by ASIC World Services along with great engineering support enable our customers around the world to easily complete their designs with minimum turn around time" Said Cyrus Merati Hitech Global Distribution's Director of Sales and Marketing.

"Increasing customer demand for high performance yet simple to implement USB 2.0 solutions, has helped us to gain many new customer. Small size yet feature rich implementation makes our IP Cores the best choice for any application." Said Rudolf Usselmann, General Manage, of ASICS World Services, Ltd.

Pricing and Availability
The USB OTG and Device Only IP cores are available for FPGA and ASIC implementation (Netlist and HDL Source codes). Official quotations can be provided by contacting Hitech Global Distribution.

About HiTech Global Distribution, LLC.
HiTech Global Distribution LLC (HTGD) is a North American based company headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. HTGD's main line of products includes IP Cores, Evaluation/Prototyping/Demonstration Boards, Application Specific Modules (DSP, Processing, Video, etc.), Application Specific Systems, Embedded System Design Tools (HW/SW Debuggers, Emulators, Operating Systems, Verification, etc.), Software/Drivers, and Accessories.

HiTech Global Distribution, LLC also provides FPGA, ASIC, SOC, and PCB design services. For more information about HiTech Global Distribution, LLC, please visit: http://www.HiTechGlobal.com

About ASICS World Services, LTD.
ASICS World Services provides a broad line of general-purpose IP cores, including a variety of USB related products such as USB 2.0 OTG IP Cores as well as various other IP Cores such as SD/MMC IP Core, encryption (AES), error correction (Reed Solomon), and many other functions.

ASICS World Services was conceived and founded in 1999, immediately starting to offer various products and services. Since then ASICS World Services has established a world wide reputation for profession highest-quality IP Cores with flexible licensing at a low cost.

The engineering team is made up of highly experienced senior engineers who have been in the digital design environment for 12-25 years prior to joining ASICS World Services.

Rapidly expanding customer base is quickly promoting ASICS World Services to one of leading IP providers in the world. For more information, please visit: http://www.asics.ws

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