Helps Emergency Services Locate Your House
  • Illuminated toggle when switch is off
  • Toggle and attached load flashes when in center position (in 911 mode)
  • Functions as a standard ON/OFF switch
  • Installs in minutes
  • Replaces any standard single-pole switch By installing the 911 Locator you're not only adding convenience but you're also adding safety to your home by allowing emergency personnel the ability to efficiently locate your home.

    Replaces a Standard Single-Pole Switch
    The 911 Locator should be used in place of a standard single-pole switch to turn outdoor house or porch lights ON and OFF. In the 911 "flashing" position, the light becomes a house locator for police, medical personnel, emergency utility service, foul weather deliveries, etc.

    Helps Emergency Personnel Locate Address
    Used in conjunction with your call for assistance, the 911 Locator solves the problem of nighttime house identification for emergency personnel. After you have placed your call for help, simply flick the switch toggle to the "911" position and your outdoor light will flash on and off continuously, cutting response time to insure effective action.

    Additional Features:

    • 5" pre-stripped wire leads

    • All wire nuts and mounting hardware included

    • Transparent wall plate sticker included

    • UL20 Listed


    Smarthome product no
    Pass & Seymour Legrand product no

    Single Pole, Double Throw

    Emergency Flasher Switch
    600 Watts, 120VAC

    The 911 Locator is backed by a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty.