Helping Consumers Make Informed Automotive Decisions -New Company Protects Car Buyers and Owners

Blinker Inc., a new automotive auditing company providing bumperĘCto-bumper inspections of vehicles launches during the Toronto International Auto Show. Designed to protect and inform consumers, Blinker Inc. offers a complete assessment of used vehicles for sale, purchase and/or repair.

Toronto, ON February 17, 2005 -- For consumers looking to buy, sell or repair a used vehicle, a new company called BLINKER provides services that will enable them to make informed decisions. The company provides automotive audits ĘC thorough examinations and reviews of used vehicles ĘC which eliminate the guesswork often associated with a sale, purchase or repair. Wherever the vehicle is, BLINKER's unbiased service will tell consumers what, if anything is really wrong.

Founded by Colin Beggs, an automotive mechanic with over 15 years of luxury vehicle experience, BLINKER's sole focus is consumer protection. In an industry that has a reputation for dishonesty, BLINKER offers the consumer unbiased services and impartial information that they can trust. BLINKER is independent, with no dealer or garage affiliations.

The company will not recommend a dealer, garage, service technician or if a vehicle should be purchased or repaired. The company's mandate is to remain neutral, and simply provide consumers with the facts.

"Years of experience in the automotive industry have shown me the need for a company like BLINKER," said Colin Beggs, founder and Director of BLINKER. "The sad reality is that consumers are frequently ripped off. I started BLINKER to protect consumers and re-assure them that there are good mechanics out there who want to look out for their best interests."

BLINKER offers a variety of services geared toward people buying, selling or repairing a vehicle. The company's Expert Auditors are licensed mechanics with years of experience. For consumers looking to purchase a vehicle, BLINKER conducts bumper-to-bumper examinations to determine its condition. If a vehicle needs repairs, BLINKER offers a second opinion to eliminate unnecessary costs or potential overcharging by mechanics. For those looking to sell, BLINKER provides an honest evaluation of the vehicle and the price a seller can hope to get. The best part is, BLINKER is mobile, so audits are conducted wherever the vehicle is. Findings are given to clients via email, fax or hardcopy and include photographs.

"Getting a second opinion is paramount when making decisions ĘC especially when those decisions could come with significant financial ramifications," said Mr. Beggs. "BLINKER's services are designed to help consumers save money and prevent them from being cheated."

Launching on February 17th, BLINKER will initially serve the GTA, with plans to expand across Canada. For consumers looking to buy, sell or repair a used vehicle with confidence and honest, accurate information, BLINKER offers convenient, dependable services.

Media Contact: Michelle Cliffe or Elle Tomicic | Cliffe Communications | 647 436 8577

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