Handycam DCR-HC42 MiniDV Digital Camcorder (1.07MP, 12x Opt, 480x Dig, 2.7" LCD) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Sony
Model: DCRHC42
Digital Zoom: 480 X
Optical Zoom: 12 X
LCD Screen Size: 2.7 in
Recording Media: Memory Stick Duo|Mini DV
Audio Support: PCM|Stereo
Additional Features: Touch Panel LCD|Viewfinder
Image Stabilization: Optical
: Number of User Reviews: 11

Reviewed by: zrye from CA on Mar 28, 2005

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Compact size. 12X optical zoom. Wide screen capability and wide LCD touch screen.

Weaknesses: Very visiable grainy in low-light. Moving parts and buttons are not as smooth as on DCR-HC40.

Summary: It's a disappointment for an upgrade from the very nice DCR-HC40. LCD shows very annoying flashing blue hue/grains. It also tends to show dancing grains when video taping areas in shadow. It is a bit slower than the HC40. If you already have the DCR-HC40, don't buy this one.

Reviewed by: biswendu from CA on Mar 17, 2005

Experience: 10 Days

Strengths: small, light, ease of use

Weaknesses: color grains visible in low light, optical zoom is only 12X, no light in-built

Summary: This is very handy especially compared to Digital 8 models. It takes sharp, clear video in day light, but displays color grains in low light inside room. The docking station is very useful, especially need not to be worried for connecting to computer or baterry chaarger everytime. I still desire for improved optical zoom (20X).

Reviewed by: parokyae from MA on Mar 15, 2005

Experience: 8 Days

Strengths: Compact size, 2.7" LCD screen, docking station.

Weaknesses: The intelligent accessory shoe located on top of the camera is not an industry standard & works only with Sony brand accessories.

Summary: This camcorder features a good video quality. Form factor is excellent, lightweight & intuitive though it takes a while to get used to the touch screen LCD panel. I also liked the 16:9 widescreen LCD which I think is the cheapest in Sony's line of MiniDV camcorder that offers this feature.

Reviewed by: drsasi from CA on Apr 11, 2005

Experience: 10 Days

Strengths: user friendly, handycam dock station, sony's reliability, 120X zoom, small size, clarity of pictures

Weaknesses: not any that i can think of

Summary: i had the sony HC-40 before and i think the 42 is better even if it is a tad bigger-it has a better zoom, a handy dock station and best of all you dont have to touch the LCD screen to rewind the tape or any such actions

Reviewed by: ScubaJohn from CA on Mar 23, 2005

Experience: 10 Days

Strengths: Good quality image in bright, natural light - outdoors only.

Weaknesses: Grainy indoors - even with decent artificial light.

Summary: I purchased the HC42 after having returned the Panasonic GS-120 for audible gear noise on the tape. I could not believe how grainy the images were indoors. The poor indoor images could be seen most when filming blue colors. Since most of my filming will be in semi low light conditions, I will be returning this camcorder tomorrow, knowing that I will have to pay a 15% (about $75) restocking fee. I should have done more research on the HC42 before purchasing.

Reviewed by: ashishnigam2002 from AZ on Mar 27, 2005

Experience: 10 Days

Strengths: Compact size and light weight. This is my first camcorder and I find it good.

Weaknesses: None as of now.

Summary: It will be great if they provide little memory and 1-2 Mini DV tapes with the product.
Because with the camcord you do not get Sony memory stick (for still photos) and mini DV tapes.

Voice etc. is clear, yet to use it more.

Reviewed by: laji2000 from TX on May 12, 2005

Experience: 15 Days

Strengths: 480x total zoom along with 12x optical zoom. Very small size. The pictures online really betray you to its size.

Weaknesses: On some occassions, the more you zoom in, pictures become a little grainy.

Summary: I was really amazed at the size of this little camcorder. It has a lot of features for the price, and I have not been able to delve into most of it. I really like the ability to shoot pictures in bursts. I was really impressed with that particular feature. Has Super Night Shot plus, which improves upon the Night Shot a bit. I would have liked sony to package a small size(in terms of MB) memory stick with this camcorder. All in all, a best buy.

Reviewed by: rakeshsingh21 from KS on May 10, 2005

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Design, 480X Zoom, Video Quality, features

Weaknesses: No MS in the box, Poor software

Summary: I am satisfied with this camcorder. Video quality is superb. It has lot of features. I have not tested the still photo quality yet.

One bad thing is Sony has not provided any memory stick with it. Another thing I did not like it is whenever I transfer the Video to PC the quality is very bad.

Overall this is a good camcorder to have.

Reviewed by: babloopiku from IN on May 6, 2005

Experience: 2 Months

Strengths: Its a very elegant and sleek product. Thee picture quality is very good and also it comes with a good brand name aka sony. 12X optical zoom and wide screen capability which is very good.

Weaknesses: The camcrder is not very user friendly and sony doesn't provide a memory stick with it.

Summary: In all the camcorder is good with the features provided. But in the same price you could get an another good product by sony itself.

Reviewed by: weitl from NY on Apr 30, 2005

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: Clear picture at good lighted condition and easy to use.

Weaknesses: Under low light condition and shooting far away, visiable noise and unstable background.

Summary: We are quite happy with the pictures under normal lighted conditions. When shooting indoor with regular lights, especially shooting far away, there is visible noise and the background unstable. The battery life is just OK. Did not come with the DVD editing software which I think most DVD writer may include.

Reviewed by: SidManchester from PA on Apr 12, 2005

Experience: 3 Weeks

Strengths: compact, easy to use, good LCD screen

Weaknesses: takes time to get used to touch screen commands

Summary: This is a good camcorder for me - I am not a professional - it is easy if you want it to be (easy button)

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