Handycam DCR-DVD301 DVD Digital Camcorder (1.0MP, 10x Opt, 120x Dig, 3.5" LCD) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Sony
Model: DCRDVD301
Digital Zoom: 120 X
Optical Zoom: 10 X
LCD Screen Size: 3.5 in
Recording Media: DVD-R|DVD-RW
Audio Support: Stereo
Additional Features: Date Code|Fader Function|PC Connection|Slow Shutter|Time Code|Viewfinder
Image Stabilization: Digital
: Number of User Reviews: 16

Reviewed by: jeromera from KS on May 5, 2005

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: Everything seems to be the strength

Weaknesses: Battery last for lesser time (120 mins) and sony recommend a better battery

Summary: This is the first camera which i bought and everyone including me is very much impressed with this camera.
Good voice quality, no motor sound. Excellent video quality but the still photos is not impressive. Of course with 1 MB of resolution you will get this resolution. I bought the battery in ebay which is cheap compared to any other shops or on-line shops. The camera requests sony DVD but other DVDs also works. Night vision is also good.

Media takes 5 mins to write after we finalize the write for 30 min of DVD. It takes 10 mins to copy to laptops from DVD. Might as well transfer from the camera itself to save time.

Finally if you are looking for a DVD camera go for it.

Reviewed by: anshu_lall from AZ on Feb 17, 2005

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: The camoorder uses dvd which is very cool. No need to spend time on converting mini DVs. There are lot of features. Low light photography is good. Good zoom. Can be used as digital camera. light wt

Weaknesses: Nothing is particular.

Summary: This is a great camcorder. It has numerous features both in video and still mode. Use dvd-rw as media, as it can be reused after finalizing. DVD-RW can also be unfinalized after finalizing. Small in size. Light weight. Good image quality. Sony has done a good job after so many shortcomings in the earlier models. The sound of DVD motor does not interfere with the sound of recording. It definitely is a revolution in camcorder technology.

Reviewed by: spk001 from FL on Dec 7, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Very portable and eazy to operate, large screen that is very eazy to see in strong sunlight.

Weaknesses: Have not found any yet. So far so good, people say quality is so so but I find the quality excellent, for a camera in this price range.

Summary: This camera is great, I have family members that had sony camcorders since the 80's and with tapes there were almost always issues with the tapes getting eaten, well no more with dvd's. Get the Dual sided mini DVD-RW that records 60min per disk (30 per side. What I like about it is that you can just pop the dvd into your dvd player and you can watch, don't have to stand by the tv with the wires hanging all over. Bottom line is if you enjoy the dvd quality and ease of use this is the camera for you.

Reviewed by: jwong74 from IL on Jan 5, 2005

Experience: 30 Days

Strengths: NA

Weaknesses: NA

Summary: (Edited January 26th by jwong74) My first Camcorder, I look at a lot of reveiew on SONY DCR-DVD301; this camcorder is the best on both weight and size. Plus DVD -R gave me a lot of options to do editing on my computer. weakness parts is the dvd-r too short for recording. 30Mins. in SP Mode. No problems found so far. Sony is the great products.

Reviewed by: pothuri from NJ on Dec 6, 2004

Experience: 3 Weeks

Strengths: Very handy, light weight, good picture at low light

Weaknesses: Down loading takes a long time

Summary: Overall this is a very good product. Needs to increase the recording time and mega pixels for still photos. Slight inconvenience in loading the dvd disc. Down load time is too high. Price to performance is very good.

Reviewed by: dgaur from MD on Mar 29, 2005

Experience: 4 Months

Strengths: The 3.5" LCD screen is great and makes viewing and recording very enjoyable.

Weaknesses: I can't think of any.

Summary: (Edited March 29th by dgaur) This is a wonderful camcorder. It has some great features both in video and still mode. Recording on DVD really helps as there is no need of conversion and one can play it on any DVD player in the world. The camcorder's size is small and is Light weight. Hence very easy to use. Good image quality. Again the 3.5" LCD screen is great. Sony has done a good job. It definitely is a revolution in camcorder technology.

Reviewed by: aaburks from GA on Dec 24, 2004


Strengths: The Sony DCR DVD301 is nice and compact. I love the new 3.5" LCD screen and the fact that this camcorder records on dvd's.

Weaknesses: If you purchase a "long lasting" battery such as the NPQM71D/91D the battery sticks out the camcorder and that is annoying.

Summary: I would certainly recommend this camcorder to those individuals that want something compact and that records on dvd's.

The latest version Sony DCR DVD301 now has a 3.5" LCD screen which makes it easier for my parents to view while recording or playing back.

I highly recommend this camcorder. I also purchased the following additional accessories: the portable battery charger BC-TRM, upgraded the battery to a NP-QM71D, the LCS VA30 soft camcorder carrying case, 3 DVD-RW and 12 DVD-R's. So I am READY TO ROLL!!!

Reviewed by: roboto from MA on Dec 19, 2004

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: beautiful design, large LCD sreen, easy to use, high quality of video

Weaknesses: take long time to download videos and pics to the computer

Summary: In a nutshell, it's wonderful! Compared to vcr and mini-dv, it's very ready to play with. However, the software "ImageMixer" seems not so good because it always died even transferring by USB 2.0. The choice of using dvd-rw might have made it not so expensive; otherwise, if you choose using dvd-r, too expensive, maybe.

Reviewed by: esraakdeniz from PA on Dec 2, 2004

Experience: 8 Days

Strengths: it is very easy to use. It is very small so you can take it to anywhere you want.

Weaknesses: no weaknesses yet

Summary: I would strongly recommend that product. It is very user friendly.You can record movies and take photos with the same product.You can record your movies on a mini dvd and watch it on your computer as well as on your tv. You can reuse these mini dvds.

Reviewed by: almoayad_1104409968 from MI on Jan 14, 2005


Strengths: This camcorder is quiet, smooth, and has the best LCD ever. Also, its light, well organized, and the best camcorder to show off.

Weaknesses: You need to read the User Manuel in order to use its special features. I wish its DVD were more than 30 min.

Summary: It easily fits in our hands and it is simple to use. The only negative aspect I can think of is that it does not have as powerful a zoom as other models, but the 10X optical and 120X digital is powerful enough for us. Overall I think it's a great camcorder and would recommend it highly

Reviewed by: ppiyush1 from VA on Feb 10, 2005

Experience: 14 Days

Strengths: Night shot light buid In, Two in one for Movie & Camera on one disc, LP mode for 60 Min is excellent

Weaknesses: None.

Summary: It easily fits in our hands and it is simple to use. The only negative aspect I can think of is that it does not have as powerful a zoom as other models, but the 10X optical and 120X digital is powerful enough for us. Overall I think it's a great camcorder and would recommend it highly

Reviewed by: jannapu from TX on Dec 9, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Its small like a camera,Easy to carry anywhere.User friendly.Can take pictures too.Cool features like record and play in ur dvd player.Best in the market.

Weaknesses: NA

Summary: Iam happy with the purchase and would recommend the product.I dont know about lot of other stuff.But if ur not a pro,this is coool and the easiest to use.Certainly worth the money

Reviewed by: gklein from NJ on Jan 16, 2005

Experience: 30 Days

Strengths: very easy to use like the viewfinder and that you can play right away on computer

Weaknesses: a bit heavy poor quality of megapixels but all in all not that bad

Summary: this video camera makes a great gift or purchase it for yourself. great price for advanced technology love the convieneince and great features on this product. great battery life and meter.

Reviewed by: tombullion from TX on Dec 22, 2004

Experience: 1 Days

Strengths: Newest DVD camcorder on the market.

Weaknesses: None of which I am aware.

Summary: My experience with Electronics Expo was great. It shipped the camcorder the day after I bought it online and I received it two days later. Everything appears to be in order. Thanks.

Reviewed by: bearxox from PA on Apr 23, 2005


Strengths: Very easy to use and take pictures as well.

Weaknesses: None that I can see.

Summary: Takes great digital photos and great quality video. Easy to use and is a great camcorder to have. I took it on my trip to Hawaii and used it for mostly pictures and they came out great when I took them to walmart on a cdr to have them printed out. I reccommend getting the protector lenses, the ultravoilet one really helps when the sun is bright.

Reviewed by: cruzzin from PA on Mar 3, 2005

Experience: 86 Days

Strengths: It blows any other camera (in this price range) away! Quick-Easy-DVD ready in 15 minutes! Great quality for low-light conditions, indoors. Can't beat - It's The Bomb! Nice dated simple menus!

Weaknesses: MPG. Who wants to edit in mpeg...then again the avi's take up many of my GIGS (600gigs). New Software releases may help gearing towards the DVD camera. No time-lapse.

Summary: Let's be straight out with it! I've always wanted a DV camcorder because I've only owned the sony HI-8s in the past. I wanted to be able to streamline video right into my PC thru iLink (IEEE) because most of my programs control the camera thru IEEE. So my husband and I went shopping and ended up with the DVD301 Sony! We tried it and it was great...but at the time -x-mas- expensive...so we returned it and bought the Panasonic DV (only $100 less). It only took us one day to return it back for the Sony DVD301. Unbelieveable Right? But believe me when you feel the SONY quality in the palm of your hand and you see the SONY video quality outcome, you'll realize that it just smokes the others away! About the price, I've paid 2,500 - 1,500 for sonys in the past and the more I thought about it, $899. was nothing for this camera - it's worth every dollar! Still shots are 1 megapixel - but most are in camcorders. Anyone serious with digital photos knows they need to use their 4+mega camera, right?

Software: Some complain, but you don't even have to use this software unless you want the video on your computer. And if you do, it's really not bad when you compare it to TIME-consuming capture. It imports very quickly (if you have a fast computer) and then you'll have to convert to mpeg because someone was thinking way ahead of the game with its m? audio! New software releases will need to incorporate this in their programs so WE don't have to use the ImageMixer. Get online and complain to your software company(s) to streamline usb 2.0 video! for DVD CAMCORDERS.

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