Nov 1, 2002 12:00 PM

In an effort to renovate Memorial Stadium to accommodate both the University of Illinois Fighting Illini and Chicago Bears football teams, the University of Illinois recently installed 60 SLT turnstiles from Alvarado Manufacturing Co. Inc., Chino, Calif., for the start of the 2002-2003 football season. All 60 turnstiles installed at the stadium in Champaign, Ill., were installed on portable bases, which allows for the units to be stored during the off-season. The University of Illinois ordered its SLT units with the optional digital lithium battery-powered counter feature to provide attendance counting.

A project is under way to upgrade and replace the existing fire control system in three heavily traveled tunnels along Interstates 5 and 90 in Seattle with the help of SimplexGrinnell, Houston, a business unit of Tyco Fire and Security, Westminster, Mass. The tunnels are equipped with foam/water sprinkler deluge systems, which are particularly effective against high-intensity fires. The project marks the first time that a tunnel foam/water deluge system has been retrofitted. The upgraded system includes 70 Simplex high-end fire alarm control panels, 18 Windows-based operator workstations, and a central command center located in a state office building 15 miles away.

DePaul University, Chicago, has installed Calibur Digital Video Multiplexer Recorders (DVMRe) from GE Interlogix's Kalatel Division, Corvallis, Ore., at its Lincoln Park and Loop campuses. "By eliminating tape management duties, we can monitor our facilities with only one person in each of our two control rooms," says Bob Wachowski, director of public safety at DePaul.

Lockheed Martin, Gaithersburg, Md., has been contracted to install and maintain a physical security system to protect classified information and other assets within The Pentagon and other facilities in the national capital region. The Intrusion Detection and Alarm System (IDAS) secures facilities that house classified Department of Defense information.

London City Airport has appointed New York-based Daon to deploy a biometric physical access system to enhance security at the airport. The Daon system was developed with "biometric trust infrastructure," which supports the deployment of physical access security solutions and logical access.

The Washington Post has selected Lenel Systems International Inc., Rochester, N.Y., and its partner, CIS Security Systems Corp., Springfield, Va., to provide security at the company's production operations centers in Springfield and College Park, Md. The security system incorporates integrated access control with visitor and alarm monitoring, elevated authentication of employee ID badges and video surveillance.

Two men suspected of robbing as many as 12 banks in the Puget Sound, Wash., and Nevada areas were recently captured with the help of video images from a Lanex Digital Video Recording System from Loronix Video Solutions, Woodbury, N.Y. Despite having images from some of the other banks, a Tacoma Police Detective said the Lanex system's images have the highest quality. "The digital quality was suitable for television broadcast," he said. "Camera position and proper lighting are just as important as the system itself."

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