The United States Coast Guard recently awarded a contract to FNT, Fiber Network Training and Consulting Services to design, provide system integration and supply a self contained, solar powered fiber optic security camera system for the Coast Guard.

FNT, a preferred Fiber Optic Trainer for this unit of the Coast Guard, has also become a preferred supplier of pre-packaged high tech security equipment to the Coast Guard Unit. The system is configured with infrared cameras, microwave motion detectors, solar charging panels, battery storage with automated load control, fiber optic WDM transceivers, multi-screen video monitoring, multiplexing digital recorder, server storage and a programmable alarm station.

Security components The self-contained solar power remote security stations are field operable the day that they hit the site, unlike those requiring external power sources. Considering the distance from Command Center to the remote cameras, a cost prohibitive external power supply was simply out of the question according to Coast Guard Officials. The pedestal-mount security cabinets are nearly indestructible with heavy-duty internal mounted hinges, hidden weatherproof locks and vandal-proof through-pipe cabling. The solar array, which produces electricity even on cloudy days, provides charging current to the long life, AGM technology, deep cycle batteries. The batteries in turn, supply continuous power to the cameras and other equipment with seven days and nights of backup power.

Infrared, low profile cameras provide crystal clear imaging in both daylight and night conditions. The video and radar generated alarm signals are transmitted back to the Command Center, located one and a half miles away, via fiber optic cable. The totally secure fiber optic cable, supplied by FNT as part of the package, was shipped in advance of the hardware to facilitate installation by Coast Guard personnel who were previously trained and 3M Certified on fiber optic installation by FNT. The remote security stations were shipped on schedule from FNT's Phoenix Based Headquarters on October 16.

Security components The camera's electronic video output is converted to a digital light pulse equivalent and is transmitted from the remote security stations on multimode fiber optic cable to de-multiplexing receivers in the Command Security Center. There, the video light signals, as well as the associated alarm contact positions, are converted back to their respective electrical signals to be viewed on split screen monitors. The video signals can also be recorded simultaneously to a dedicated high capacity storage server. The server is connected to a CD re-write bay, ensuring extended and permanent storage of historical video events. A separate, programmable smart audio/visual alarm system alerts Station Security Personnel well in advance of intruders during non-peak traffic hours as it digitally records the time lapse of any activated alarm.

Total System Integration and design was provided by FNT, Fiber Network Training and Consulting Services of Phoenix, Arizona and STC, Solar Traffic Controls of Tempe, Arizona. Between FNT and STC, there exists extensive experience in power plant and government facilities security, traffic controls systems, DOT smart highway traffic management and water treatment facilities and solar powered systems.

Other system component providers include 3M Company, Optical Cable Corporation, International Fiber Systems and Shell Solar Division.

These fully integrated systems are ideal for any perimeter security application including remote areas of military bases, nuclear power plants, airports, reservoirs and water treatment plant security, railroad long range track monitors and totally portable security for sporting and other major social events. With "Homeland Security" in the forefront of America's agenda, FNT Fiber Network Training and Consulting Services has taken an active role in the design, integration and development of rapid deployment pre-packaged solutions for virtually any security concern.

Considering the high level of sensitivity and security regarding this project, the location of the Coast Guard station using this system cannot be released.


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