Global ePoint, Markland Technologies and Global Matrechs to Present at Trilogy Capital's Homeland Security Forum

Web Alert: Global ePoint, Markland Technologies and Global Matrechs to Present at Trilogy Capital's Homeland Security Forum Feb. 11, 12:00 noon -ET-; Online Conference Focuses on Products, Outlook for Growth of Participating Companies

LOS ANGELES, CA February 10, 2005 -- Key executives and spokesmen from Global ePoint (GEPT), Markland Technologies (MRKL) and Global Matrechs (GMTH), three emerging growth microcap companies in the homeland security industry, will present strategic plans and investor-specific information about their companies and stock in an online webcast open to all interested investors, scheduled to start at 12 noon Eastern, this Friday, Feb. 11.

Homeland security industry authority Jack Mallon, founder and principal of Mallon Associates, will deliver the Forum's keynote address. The conference will be moderated by A.J. Cervantes, president of Trilogy Capital Partners.

The webcast will last approximately 30 minutes. To view the conference, register online as explained below. There is no charge to register or watch the Forum. Conference and webcast information is as follows:

What: This live over-the-Internet video presentation employs a fast-moving, informative format. It features on-camera presentations by CEOs and company presenters, with               informational slides.

Who: Conference Moderator: A.J. Cervantes, President - Trilogy Capital Partners, Inc. Keynote Speaker: Jack Mallon.

Participating companies: Global ePoint (GEPT), Markland Technologies (MRKL) and Global Matrechs (GMTH) will participate.

When: Feb. 11, 2005, at 12 noon Eastern.

Where: Please register at Simply log on a few minutes before the start of the Forum and you will be able to view the webcast.

Cost: The conference is free of charge and open to all interested investors.

Archive: If you are unable to view the initial webcast, the Forum will be archived for replay at .

Contact: Paul Karon at (800) 342-1467 or e-mail protected from spam bots.

About Global ePoint, Inc.
Global ePoint's growth catalyst, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, is the design, manufacturing, sales and distribution of digital video surveillance systems for the law enforcement, military, aviation and homeland security markets. On the cutting edge of digital technology and seeking to expand its product line, Global ePoint is developing new compression technologies and next-generation, secure network digital video systems and servers for a wide range of new markets, concentrating primarily on security and homeland defense applications. As a solid recurring revenue stream, the Company also manufactures customized computing systems for industrial, business and consumer markets, as well as other specialized electronic products and systems. Complete vertical integration -- from design and manufacturing to sales and distribution -- allows the Company to capture efficiencies and maintain cost advantages in these growing markets, particularly homeland security. For more information, please visit . For investor-specific information, see .

About Markland Technologies
Markland Technologies, Inc. is committed to setting next-generation standards in defense and security through the provision of innovative emerging technologies and expert services. The Company is engaged in the identification of advanced technologies currently under development in laboratories, universities and in private industry, and in the transformation of those technologies into next-generation products. Markland's solutions support military, law enforcement and homeland security personnel to protect the nation's citizens, borders and critical infrastructure assets from the threat of terrorism and other dangers. Through strategic development, Markland focuses on the creation of dual-use technology and products with applications in both the defense market and civilian homeland security and law enforcement fields. The Company is a Board Member of the Homeland Security Industries Association, and is a featured Company on; additional details can be viewed at . For more information about the Company and its products, please visit the Markland home page at For investor-specific information, see .

About Global Matrechs
Following the sale of substantially all of the assets of the Company's hosting and website maintenance business to Tulix, Global Matrechs operates one business, its licensed technologies business. Through its licensed technologies business, Global Matrechs seeks to convert the licenses it has acquired in emerging technologies in the nuclear energy storage and containment, Homeland Security, environmental and chemical industries into manufactured products primarily through sub-licenses of those technologies to manufacturers. For investor-specific information, see ;   

About Trilogy Capital Partners
Trilogy Capital Partners is a Los Angeles-based financial services company engaged in merchant banking, strategic planning, financial marketing and communications. Based on the simple concept that many well-run public companies are not realizing their full value in the marketplace, Trilogy has aggregated highly experienced executives into a formidable financial and marketing team, which help investors identify and maximize prospective high-return opportunities. Trilogy is committed to identifying companies with strong management, a compelling business model and, most importantly, companies that may be seriously undervalued. For more information on Trilogy or its portfolio of clients, please visit .

SOURCE: Trilogy Capital Partners, Inc.

Trilogy Capital Partners, Inc.
Paul Karon, 800-342-1467
e-mail protected from spam bots

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