Get a COLOR, Multi-Camera Surveillance System in One Package
  • View all four camera images in real time and in full, vibrant color
  • See all four camera views at once on a split screen or full screen on a rotating sequence
  • Includes everything you need in one box including all four cameras If you want to equip your home or business with a COLOR, multi-camera surveillance system, but have been reluctant due to the number of separate components required, we've got good news! Now you can get four color cameras with audio and a 14" color monitor with a built-in, real-time quad splitter, all in one easy-to-install package! It's perfect for keeping an eye on four separate parts of the house simultaneously (i.e. the baby's room, the swimming pool, the front door and the side entrance).

    Using the four included 60-ft. cables, simply connect the four cameras directly into the connections on the back of the monitor screen. Once everything is hooked up, you'll be able to view the cameras in one of three modes:

    Quad Screen Mode: This mode allows you to see all four camera views at once on a 4-way split screen. These images are shown in REAL TIME, without the slight delay found on some inferior systems.

    Auto Switching Mode: If you prefer to monitor cameras full-screen, the system's auto sequential switching feature automatically rotates full-screen camera views. Dwelling time of each camera view is adjustable, depending on your preference.

    One Screen Mode: Depending on your monitoring needs, you can also view only one camera while several cameras are connected. This is ideal for applications like monitoring the baby in multiple rooms.

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    Retail Price

    14"Color CCTV Monitor

    Color Quad Splitter

    4 Color Cameras
    $70 ea.

    4 Audio, Video, & Power Extension Cables
    $25.00 ea

    Inter connectcables, power strip for six AC devices.

    Total Cost for Separates

    Other features include:

    • On-Screen Programming: This allows you to add a date/time-stamp and assign a unique name to each camera (i.e. "Baby's Room," "Pool," etc.) as well as display the time and date. These titles can be output to a time-lapse VCR or other monitors when used for whole-house distribution.

    • One-Way Audio: Each camera is capable of picking up all sound in the vicinity of the camera location and transmitting it to the monitor. This allows you not only to see what's happening in other rooms, but hear what's going on as well. In Quad Screen Mode, you can select which camera's audio output is played.

    • Roll-Free Switching: Because the cameras are synchronized, you won't experience the annoying flicker found on other systems with full-screen sequential switching.

    • Alarm Output: The monitor can be connected to various alarms. When the alarm goes off in Quad Screen Mode or Auto Switching Mode, the monitor automatically switches to the screen of the camera where the alarm is generated and displays a blinking "A".If the alarm breaks out at two or more locations, the monitor switches to the Quad Screen Mode and displays a blinking "A" on relevant screens. Once the alarm is released, the monitor goes back to the previous mode automatically. Fully-compatible with time-lapse VCRS.


    Monitor Specifications

    Screen Size
    14 Inches

    Horizontal Resolution
    380 TV Lines

    Camera inputs
    4 channels (6-Pin RJ-25 modular plug)

    VCR input/output
    RCA Connectors for Input and out

    Refresh Rate
    30 frames per second

    Quad Splitter
    4 Channel real time

    Alarm Input
    Camera: Normally Open
    Monitor: Normally Open

    Alarm Output
    1 output for VCR or other automation use

    Alarm Time
    Off, 1 to 60 seconds (adjustable)

    Alarm Sound Time
    Mute, 1 to 60 seconds (adjustable)

    Sequencing Dwell Time
    1 to 60 seconds (adjustable)

    On-Screen Display
    Shows Camera Title, Date, Time, Alarm, No Video

    Power source
    120 Volts, 60 Hz

    13.78" x 12.60" x 16.34"

    30.8 lbs.

    Camera Specifications

    Imaging device
    1/3" Color CCD

    Picture elements
    510(H) x 492(V) 251K pixels

    Horizontal resolution
    330 TV lines

    Min. illumination
    2 lux

    F=2.0, 3.8mm

    -40dB Condenser Microphone

    Operating temperature
    14F to 122F

    Power Source
    12 volts DC (supplied by the monitor)

    60 ft. 6-conductor with RJ-25 plugs (4cables included)

    2.03"w x 1.98"h x 3.79"d