Gateway to new technology in St. Louis
Gateway to new technology in St. Louis

Oct 1, 1997 12:00 PM

Attendees at the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) 43rd Annual Seminar and Exhibits in St. Louis Sept. 8-11, 1997, got a taste of what the current technology has to offer, and a hint of where the technology is going. There was emphasis on how security systems should work together, but far from a consensus on how to make it happen.

One of the technologies causing a buzz among the 15,000 participants was digital recording and storing of images. Just as music CDs improved upon the cassette tape by allowing listeners to instantly access any song, the images stored digitally on hard drives and disks allow users to access images without manually reviewing hours of tape. One exhibitor, Loronix of Durango, Calif., announced that it will install its digital CCTV system at Washington D.C.'s Dulles airport, which it says will be the first major airport to go totally digital.

Smart card technology, already well established in other parts of the developed world, also made an impact at ASIS. Many ID card manufacturers are offering cards with integrated circuit chips, and readers are being developed to secure Internet transactions, among other uses. A biometrics supplier - Recognition Systems - boasts a smart card interface for its hand recognition product.

Exhibitors brought along technical specialists and engineers - as well as salesmen - to explain the uses of the new technologies to attendees.

Finding time to sort through it all could have been the biggest challenge of ASIS - there were 130 educational sessions and 586 exhibiting companies occupying more than 150,000 square feet. One exhibitor noted that traditional trade show giveaways are becoming less common because people don't have the time. "Sometimes you can see them looking at their watch, and you know they have another appointment to make," he commented. Several booths - Simplex, Javelin Systems (Ademco) and Casi-Rusco - added entertainment value to their presentations.

Attendance figures included 3,528 educational program registrants, 5,939 exhibits-only attendees and 5,681 exhibitor personnel, for a total attendance of 15,198. Some wondered if the show was more crowded than last year's Atlanta show, or was there less space to spread out in? Booth traffic was brisk as end-users crowded the narrow aisles in search of technological advances. Bigger booths were a testament to healthy economic growth among show exhibitors. The quality of attendees was high - they were not only from all over the world but from every industry segment.


Keep track of 3,000 users

Designed for installations of up to 32 card readers, the WinPass access control system can handle up to 3,000 card users. The program, manufactured by Kantech, Brossard, Quebec, assigns access levels that allow entry at selected doors and according to pre-defined schedules. All events are recorded for future review. Windows-based, WinPass can sort and print data according to user-defined criteria. Kantech also featured entraPass at its ASIS booth. The remote dial-up or local version access control system can accommodate 256 sites and 64 readers per site, according to Kantech.


Plug easily into an existing network

A microcontroller for access control uses standard PCMCIA data communication cards to connect to existing LAN/WAN communications networks. The Micro/5-PXN microcontroller from Casi-Rusco is configured with a network adapter and related software for ethernet or token ring communications. It is not a polled device, so it does not use up network bandwidth and clog communications with needless network traffic. The Micro/5-PXN makes it possible to plug Casi-Rusco's Picture Perfect access control and alarm monitoring system into an existing network without disturbing network operation. Also at ASIS, Casi-Rusco announced the release of Secure Perfect, an access control and photo ID badging system. The Windows 95-based software operates on a standard office PC and meets the security needs of small and medium businesses, controlling door entry and monitoring fire, intrusion and other interfaced alarms using colorful graphic maps.


Motorized zoom lens features auto-iris

The model number H20ZME (C61221) 1/2-inch motorized zoom lens by Pentax Corp./Cosmicar Lens Division features a focal length of 12 to 240mm, a maximum aperture ratio of 1:1.6 and an iris range of F1.6 to 720. Featuring auto-iris and motorized focus and zoom, it measures 116x136.2x216mm and runs on 12v DC.

Security Applications

Software ties it all together

Integration through software is seen by many to be the future of the industry. One company specializing in the software end of the business is Security Applications Inc. Integrating hardware from multiple manufacturers using an open system incorporates the manufacturers' technology without replacing field hardware. SAI/Security Manager provides the needed capabilities for an open enterprise-wide security management solution, according to the company. The graphical user interface - designed for use by security personnel - can simultaneously service alarms, print security management reports, monitor and control security devices, and enter data. Security Automation Programming provides flexibility to meet customers' needs and overcome limitations of field hardware, according to the company. Also at the ASIS show, SAI featured a video badging system to complement the Security Manager system. It supports an open choice of card technologies, available fingerprint and signature capture, and LAN/WAN interfaces. Customers may choose a variety of printers, including Eltron, Fargo and Nisca.


Monitors are compact and versatile

High-resolution monochrome video monitors require minimal rack space while maximizing viewing area. The monitors were among the new offerings presented by Philips Communication and Security Systems at the annual ASIS expo. The Lancaster, Pa.-based company also featured a new color camera with auto-focus, the LTC 0809, for its AutoDome systems line. The all-in-one dome surveillance system is small, quiet and lightweight. The camera includes a 6.25x digital electronic zoom. Philips LTC 5136 Series AutoDome Controller, introduced at the show, provides control of up to eight AutoDomes when used in a daisy-chain configuration. Finally, the LTC 8900 Series Allegiant Video Switcher/Control System has been expanded to accommodate 4,096 camera inputs, 512 monitor outputs, 64 keyboards, 1,024 alarm points, computer interface ports and a logging printer port.


System provides location of personnel and assets

In cases of emergency, a portable panic alarm from Instantel Inc. can transmit the location and identity of the wearer. In everyday use, the MyCall Communicator, which can be worn on a lanyard, pocket or belt, sends data on personnel movements to a computer for archiving, report generation and other applications. If privacy is desired, the communicator can be programmed to remain inactive until the panic button is pushed. Powered by a battery with a life of at least one year, the device will automatically transmit a low-battery warning, and attempts to make it inoperable will result in an alarm. The MyCall Communicator is a component of Perceptis, an asset and personnel security/management system from Instantel, Kanata, Ontario. The Canadian company also showcased the other key component of Perceptis, FindIt Asset Management, an asset tagging and tracking system.


The elements do not penetrate camera's house

A pressurized dome housing has a built-in pan/tilt motor and accepts a camera up to 8.5 inches long. Videolarm's PressureDome PDW1 is an air-tight, 16-inch outdoor dome housing. From the outside, the PDW1 looks like a standard outdoor dome housing, but inside, a positive pressure of nitrogen protects all internal components from moisture, dust and other harmful elements. All video and control signals pass through special connectors designed to assist in sealing the housing. Because the nitrogen is moisture-free and completely sealed, outside elements cannot harm the pan/tilt camera or lens. The Decatur, Ga.-based company has designed the dome for traffic surveillance, military installations, salt-air areas or any other environment where bugs, dust or moisture can cause problems.


Camera compensates for contrasting light

Panasonic Video Imaging Systems Co. highlighted a CCD camera that can compensate for contrasting lighting conditions within a scene at the ASIS expo in St. Louis. A double-speed CCD image sensor and third-generation Digital Signal Processing (DSP) circuitry are key components of what the company has dubbed the Super Dynamic camera. The double scanning used in the camera "charges" each pixel on the CCD to simultaneously register bright and dark image areas. The first Panasonic camera to use the new technology is the WV-CP650 color DSP camera. The company plans to introduce five more Super Dynamic cameras by the end of the year, and all future cameras introduced will use the technology.

J. O'Brien Company

Badge holders can be customized

Custom design is a feature of magnetic, clip-on and strap-clip badge holders from J. O'Brien Company Inc., Springfield, N.J. The badges come in a variety of sizes. The company introduced new breakaway fabric neckcords, as well as imprintable neckcords. A new armband design and retractable badge holders in standard and heavy-duty styles were also displayed.


FleetGuard monitors assets around the globe

A remote monitoring system uses Global Positioning Satellites and cellular communications to protect drivers, vehicles and cargo. FleetGuard, a product of ADT Security Services Inc., employs mobile security specialists to respond to emergency situations. Alarms are transmitted to a 24-hour ADT center via cellular communications. Other features of FleetGuard include automatic break-in detection, automatic towing notification, asset theft tracking, audible theft deterrent and vehicle recovery.

Tesa Access Control

Secure 65,000 doors without a key

Facilities can manage up to 65,000 doors and 65,000 users with up to 3,000 users per door without requiring a single metal key with the Integra 3 stand-alone access control system from Tesa Access Control. A complete audit trail of all lock events is recorded in non-volatile memory. The stand-alone electronic locks are based on magnetic stripe technology and powered by AA batteries. The system uses Windows 95/NT-based software that can be custom-designed, according to the company.

Ilco Unican

Single computer accommodates thousands

The Millenium hardwired, on-line access control system can control thousands of users at multiple remote locations from a single computer. Manufactured by Ilco Unican, Landing, N.J., the system can control up to 100 access points, 10,000 users and 2,000 audit records per access point. Spotlighting its integrated access control solution at the ASIS show, in addition to its line of electronic locks, the company displayed a complete system - the Millenium system integrated with stand-alone System 800 locks, Millenium Plus perimeter control and Millenium Badge for Windows.


Hand-held metal detector is adjustable

A hand-held metal detector from Crown Technical Systems Inc., Cleveland, is self-calibrating and has adjustable sensitivity. The unit, PD 140, has automatic shut-off to preserve battery life. Up to 320 hours of continuous operation can be achieved with lithium batteries. Weighing less than a pound, the detector has a three-position switch for selection of visible alarm, audible alarm or both. Crown also offers an optional battery charger and carrying case, which accommodates the battery charger, spare battery, power supply cable and metal detector.

ITT Night Vision

Camera intensifies dark images

A surveillance camera intensifies images recorded in the dark by converting light energy (photons) to electrical energy. Once the photons have been converted, ITT Night Vision's Night Cam 380i increases the electrical energy and then converts it back to light. The Roanoke, Va.-based company says evidence gathered using night vision technology will not get thrown out of court, because the camera intensifies nighttime images without enhancing them. Recorded images do not streak or smear due to a super-fast P43 phosphor screen, says ITT Night Vision. The camera features 12v or 24v power supply.

Canon Security Group

Camera has programmable motion detection

The Package covert surveillance system can be programmed to record the desired action, says maker Canon Security Group Inc., Little Rock, Ark. The all-in-one system features a camera with a programmable integrated motion sensor. If motion is absent for more than 30 seconds, the camera will go into "sleep" mode. Inside the case is an 8mm video deck for recording up to five hours of "real-time" evidence. The solid state, full-color camera unit fits into a shoe box, is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and is nitrogen-filled to withstand adverse conditions. Twenty-five feet of camera cable is included with the basic unit.


ID card layers are thermally fused

The Secure Card differs from other cards because it is not bonded by adhesive layers, noted maker 3M, St. Paul, Minn., at September's ASIS expo. Images are printed onto the reverse side of a receptor film layer, which is then thermally fused without an adhesive layer to a white security substrate, resulting in a one-piece card that will not peel at the edges. Once fused, the layers cannot be separated without obvious damage to the card, says 3M - heat melts the card and solvents find no adhesive to act upon. Since the images and text are embedded within the card - a process 3M calls sub-surface printing - they will not wear off, discolor, blur or fade.


Door controller has 2,000-event audit trail

A self-contained access control system has been designed for businesses requiring one or two secured doors. The Sentry system from Synergistics Inc., Natick, Mass., is an integrated mag stripe reader and keypad that features a 2,000-transaction activity log. The database can be programmed from the keypad, by swiping a card or through a computer interface. Also of interest at the Synergistics booth was the WA-PAC Tracker, which combines asset tracking with access control. The system includes a loop antenna, tracking tags, a reader controller and software for a host computer. If an asset tag is read without a valid escort tag, an alarm condition occurs at the security console, ancillary equipment is activated, and the alarm location is displayed.


Digital video for ATM applications

A digital time-lapse video recorder and video surveillance management system for automated teller machine (ATM) applications records encrypted ATM transaction data paired with pictures from the internal ATM camera, and records pictures when site cameras detect activity. The VSS-2000D from Diebold Inc. provides full programmability of the integral switcher, allows users to determine the number of images stored, the quality of the stored images, the frequency that images are recorded and includes a video motion detection circuit to allow custom storage of images based on activity within a protected area. The data and pictures are recorded on a removable archive media cartridge; the system records to an internal buffer when the cartridge is being changed. The company also displayed an Infant Security System that monitors the location of infants in a specified area, such as a maternity ward, and operates through strategically located transmitters, receivers and annunciators. A small band with a transmitter is placed around the infant's ankle or arm. The transmitter sets off alarms for hospital personnel if an infant is removed.

Dedicated Micros

Added features enhance multiplexers

The Sprite DX-CR Series of color digital multiplexers from Dedicated Micros, Reston, Va., has added broadcast-quality color images and faster refresh rates. Also new is a C-Bus RS485 Network and C-Bus compatibility that permits e-support, remote alarms and use of other C-Bus options. And now, with e-support, movement detection provides a contact closure output on activity conditions. The Sprite series comes in nine- or 16-channel models. Installation and operation are accomplished using a color-coded menu screen and four menu selection keys. By programming and prioritizing functions, users can switch between recording modes at the touch of a function key, according to the manufacturer.

Alpha Systems Lab

Keep watch via your computer

Real-time video transmission is achieved with a cable hookup and an Internet service provider. RemoteWatch PRO from Alpha Systems Lab, Irvine, Calif., transmits digital video to virtually anywhere over cable-accessed Internet connections, telephone lines, ISDN, TI, VSAT, network (LAN/WAN), RF, microwave or cellular lines. Video images are automatically recorded from up to 32 cameras, with no tapes and with 16-million-color "M-JPeg" resolution. Two-way video conferencing is also built into the system. Applications include: remote video entry/exit control, intrusion and motion sensor control, site touring, remote camera pan/tilt/zoom control and alarm verification.


Thermal imaging in a portable package

PalmIR 250, a portable version of Raytheon's NightSight 200 Series infrared camera, was on display at ASIS. The new camera brings military-strength thermal imaging to a hand-held camera, says Raytheon TI Systems, a Raytheon subsidiary. The camera has a viewing range of 2,400 feet and weighs 2.6 pounds. Other products in the NightSight line showcased in St. Louis were the portable weapon's sight camera, the D 1000 Series military driver's vision enhancer and an automobile thermal imaging system called NightDriver.

Perey Turnstiles

Gate allows unattended security

Unattended security control is a benefit of the Special Type "B" Roto-Gate from Perey Turnstiles, Stamford, Conn. The gate, one of several appearing at the ASIS show, has been designed for adaptation to a variety of system requirements and can be used for entrance, exit or both, using manual or electronic controls. With electronic controls, the Roto-Gate can be operated from a remote location, integrated with CCTV, card access or other detection devices. The turnstile is 7 feet tall and 6 feet, 5 inches wide.


Joystick controls cameras

The Clarity Concept microprocessor-based video surveillance controller from Checkpoint Systems Inc. needs no external PC. A joystick is used to select monitors, control multiple interior and exterior pan/tilt/zoom domes and fixed cameras and access other user-programmable features. The desktop unit includes two programmable guard tours per dome and "hot keys" for initialized dome pre-positions, system pre-positions, tours and other system commands. The video surveillance controller has been designed for use with Checkpoint's Clarity line of PTZ domes. A single controller supports matrixed video switching of 99 inputs and 4 outputs.

G&A Imaging

ID software comes in three versions

Episuite v.3.0 for Windows (electronic photo imaging suite) is an off-the-shelf electronic photo ID, CCTV and card access control system. A featured product of G&A Imaging at the expo, the updated software comes in three levels - Professional, Classic and Lite. The Episuite line allows users to design identification cards, maintain security database information, capture digital images, encode magnetic stripes and smart chips, print cards and perform access control. Classic is designed for single-user, one-workstation applications. Professional adds a GuardView module, which allows integration of CCTV and access control systems.

Ultra Electronics

New driver for ID card printers

A new version Windows 95 driver -version 4.x - is suitable for use with all Magicard printers by Ultra Electronics Card Systems. The new driver offers high-speed download and bit-mapped or true-type resin black printing, as well as enhanced color curves and individual slider adjustments. The company also featured the Magicard Sprinter Flip, a double-sided, security-protected ID card printer. It can print a full color card, including resin black and overcoat on the front of the card and resin black on the back of the card, in 40 seconds. Full color printing on both sides of the card is also possible.


ID system is compact and user-friendly

Computer and printer are combined in one unit with the QuickBadge II from Polaroid, Cambridge, Mass. Features of the system, which produces full-color PVC photo identification cards, include live video portrait capture, database management, on-screen card design and available tape backup and networking capability. Passwords and multiple access levels help keep the system secure. Screen prompts, pull-down menus and icons guide the user through the card-making process. Logotypes, symbols, color coding, portrait location and data can be entered and arranged on the card on-screen before printing.

Barnes and Reinecke

Access control module is adaptable

An access control module is compatible with various reader formats such as mag stripe, proximity, Wiegand, smart card and bar code. The B1001 module from Barnes and Reinecke Inc., Arlington Heights, Ill., has four door-position inputs, four request-to-exit inputs, four relay outputs and four optional auxillary relay outputs. Real-time alarm monitoring can be achieved with a networked PC, and all system parameters can be controlled from the PC. All components are housed in removable subplates.

InterSTAR Systems

'Electronic police officers' on call

Interactive audio and video are the basis for electronic guard services provided by InterSTAR Systems Inc. A control center receives high-resolution color video and audio transmissions from remote sites; off-duty police personnel serve as "electronic police officers" to deal with problems that arise, thus eliminating false alarms. They can see what is going on, in real-time video, after a system has been activated.

TOA Electronics

CD-ROM gives intercom overview

The IC-100 Explorer is an interactive CD-ROM providing IC-100 dealers, consultants and engineers with the information they need to specify, install and program IC-100 intercom systems. The CD consists of a self-paced training course and an online reference library that work together to yield a complete overview of the IC-100's features and functions. The course portion of the CD-ROM includes information on the types of facilities that use the IC-100, as well as step-by-step overviews of system components, installation and programming. The online reference library allows access, viewing and printing of IC-100 support documents such as manuals, guides and work sheets. The CD-ROM is provided free to dealers and qualified consultants.


Keypad is tamper-resistant

An access control digital keypad incorporates a tamper-resistant concealed mounting plate and a name plate that does not expose mounting screws when removed. The microprocessor-based controller drew interest at the booth of DynaLock Corp., Forestville, Conn. With power inputs of 12v or 24v AC or DC, the keypad has 11 active buttons for code entry and one programmable button for a bell, light or call function. After 32 incorrect key presses, the keypad will lock out all functions and emit an audible signal. A nonvolatile EEprom retains information during power interruptions. DynaLock also displayed its 7000 Series key switches, which have a switching rating of 6 amps. Available with one or two switches per assembly in momentary, maintained or time-delay contacts, the key switches can also include anti-tamper switches and visual and audible indicators.


Asset management interacts with access control

Link asset management and access control with the C*Cure 800 v. 3.0 system from Sensormatic. Asset tracking features include hands-free operation and the ability to link assets to badges, including multiple assets to a single badge. Users may limit asset movement privileges to owners or groups, generate management reports, and offer remote registration and checkout of assets. The system supports third-party hardware and supports 5,000 inputs/outputs, 1,000 card readers and 16 simultaneous clients. Other features include dial-up apCs, CCTV integration, language localization, apC/8X support, 32-bit ODBC support, enhanced user privileges, mustering reports and network apC support. Vision enhancements include eas of use, magnetic stripe encoding, batch-mode printing and signature capture.

Scanna MSC Ltd.

Screening for suspicious mail

Check the mail for suspicious content with the Scanmail 10K, which alarms automatically on packages containing potentially dangerous devices. Scanmail checks packages up to about 2-1/2 inches thick - about the size of a telephone directory. Simple touch pad operation is designed for use by mailroom staff without special training.


Record one week on one tape

Two triple-density, time-lapse video recorders offer up to 30-hour and 168-hour record speeds for an entire day or week of recording capability on a single tape. The TLC2130HD and TLC3168HD time-lapse recorders from Gyyr, an Odetics Co., allow security directors to select a recording strategy for any application, up to one full day or an entire week. Also demonstrated were two new value-added recording systems, each with a built-in 16-position switcher offering better clarity and density. Gyyr also displayed a new feature of its ControLink system: an open architecture allowing compatibility with all major CCTV manufacturers' products with RS232 ports.

Sargent and Greenleaf

Safe lock line has relock feature

At the ASIS expo, Sargent and Greenleaf Inc., Nicholasville, Ky., introduced two new models - 6124 and 6125 - to its electronic safe lock family of products, which has been renamed the Comptronic Safe Lock line. The new models are opened in one step and relock automatically due to the motor-driven deadlatching lock bolt. Both locks include lock bolt extension feedback, an improved internal rocker, PIN code position verification, time delay and multiple levels of access. The locks also feature visual and audio feedback during all keypad functions. Code changing and programming is achieved with the keypad. Options include keypad tamper and duress indication and audit trail.

Lenel Systems

New version of open-architecture access control

New features, expanded functionality and increased performance come with the release of Lenel OnGuard 5.0, an open-architecture access control system from Lenel Systems International Inc. Database segmentation gives systems administrators control over which system users have access to various segments of the database. Remote dial-up capability allows panels to be placed in the field. The Universal Output Server allows for real-time communication with paging, e-mail and other external systems. Lenel Systems also introduced its line of access control field hardware, compatible with existing systems. Lenel controllers can be mixed together with Apollo controllers and will integrate seamlessly, according to the company.

Identicard Systems

Networked system fits any size company

Link security communications and control access for companies of all sizes - from 200 to 200,000 employees - with the IDentiPASS Access Control System from Identicard Systems Inc. Features include on-line help screens, ability to link sounds to particular events, and easy-to-read commands to identify functions for assigning reader groups, alarm points and relays. Operation is uninterrupted during system backup. The system can be attached to an existing ODBC database. Owners of Identicard Series 9000 can upgrade to IDentiPASS without buying additional hardware.


Access control in five languages

An access control system for small- to mid-size applications - PointGuard from Ultrak - is now offered in a multilingual version, including French, German, Italian and Spanish as well as English. The user may select one of the five languages during the initial setup, or the system integrator may acquire translatable software to customize the system. PointGuard was expected to begin shipping the multilingual beta version in mid-August. Through its Professional Security Group, Ultrak also offers a multi-language color quad processor, the KQ7100 with French, Spanish and English language capabilities. The real-time (30-frames-per-second) color quad has four looping BNC camera inputs, four alarm inputs and one relay output.

Matrix Systems

>From a one-wire network to a WAN

A building controller for 16 doors to 128 doors can reside on a simple one-wire network to a Windows 95 computer or may be integrated in a user's LAN or WAN network. The system from Matrix Systems Inc. supports standard TCP/IP for operation on any network supporting the protocol. Also at ASIS, Matrix demonstrated a new open systems integrated security system based on Microsoft's Windows NT operating system and high-end SQL version 6.5 database software.


Continuous-tracking surveillance system

Dual cameras mounted on a carriage that glides silently up to 15 feet per second along a ceiling-mounted track offer unobstructed visual surveillance, according to Knogo North America Inc. The SentryVision cable-free system, which transmits video over copper tubes,includes two cameras with 30-degree pan, 100-degree tilt and 48x total zoom capability. The track - which typically runs the length of the facility - and the cameras are hidden inside a tinted polycarbonate enclosure. The system eliminates blind spots and makes possible 24-hour surveillance in large facilities, including distribution centers, factories and retail stores.


Building control is expandable

The RMX-500 Access and Building Control System from Cortex Security and Control Systems Inc. provides access control for up to 30 doors and 2,000 card users (expandable to 50,000). The 600-transaction buffer is expandable to 5,000. It uses bus, star or combination low-cost reliable network cable; the total length can exceed 4,000 feet. Other features include temperature monitoring of up to 32 points (with available TMX-32 module), and automated control of lighting, HVAC and other building systems. It also supplies support for elevator floor access control - up to 64 floors and six cabs (with ECX module). Also available is the CortexView software package compatible with Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.


High-volume ID printer

A high-speed photo ID printer is designed for high-volume applications such as student IDs and high-security employee badges. The ImageCard IV photo ID printer from DataCard Corp. delivers up to 160 full-color cards per hour. Also at ASIS, Data-Card introduced three new cameras to its line of photo ID solutions. The Auto-2000 camera offers ease of use, fast downloading and high image quality. The DataCard Digital Camera provides excellent image quality, point-and-shoot simplicity and a low purchase price. The DataCard Remote Digital Camera offers lightweight portability.

Recognition Systems

HandKey with smart card interface

The ID3D HandKey from Recognition Systems Inc., which uses three-dimensional hand geometry to verify a person's identity, now has an available smart card interface. The biometric device optically scans the hand using infrared lights and a digital camera, and the image is then stored as a 9-byte reference template for future identity verification.


Command center with UNIX power

NexSentry Command Center is a security management system featuring the power and expandability of a UNIX host combined with Windows NT work stations, says Westinghouse Security Electronics. It features host software for UNIX with ODBC for database access and integration, plus Windows NT workstations with multi-tasking capabilities and a graphical user interface for monitor and control functions. It meets industry standard communication/networking protocols and can handle virtually unlimited expansion through Ethernet/LAN, leased telephone lines and dial-up circuits, says the company. It supports third-party hardware for CCTV, HVAC, elevator control, time and attendance, parking lot and revenue control and can be integrated with WSE's Imaging Solutions for photo ID. It supports WSE's digital controllers. Also new at the Westinghouse booth were: NexLine Plus, a conversion solution for migrating electronic access control systems from analog to digital; and a Wiegand Interface Unit and DigiReader 4205W for meeting Wiegand bid specifications and upgrading to digital.


Module date- and time-stamps transactions

By connecting a printer to the RK-AT audit trail and communications module for the Radio Key 600, users can print date- and time-stamped transactions as they occur, key tag programming reports, or a list of the last 120 transactions. With a PC, users can program the unit, produce reports, back up/restore key tag programming or copy programming from one Radio Key 600 to another. The RK-AT module makes Radio Key 600 more effective for multiple door sites with large key tag populations, according to SecuraKey. The module plugs into the RK600 circuit board and fits inside the reader housing. A four-wire cable is included for connection to a printer or PC up to 500 feet away, and a RJ-11 wall jack and SecuraKey's CBLAT cable kit allow temporary connection of a portable printer or laptop.


Advanced Technology Center unveiled

A newly enhanced Advanced Technology Center, designed to provide remote monitoring capability for virtually any building site in the United States according to Pinkerton, was recently unveiled. Housed in a 1,400-square-foot complex outside Atlanta, the ATC's technology enables Pinkerton clients to outsource a portion or all of its in-house security requirements for access control, intrusion, fire, environmental, video and service dispatching at locations throughout the country to one central point. The ATC can keep tabs on facilities via audio, video and electronic monitoring equipment, and staff there are trained in emergency response. The ATC uses remote video transmission and video motion detection systems from AdPro, operating in the United States through Vision Systems, Hingham, Mass.

Proprietary Controls

Intelligent access panel uses Flash RAM technology

The IQ 2000 is a third generation intelligent access control panel, the first of its generation to use a 16-bit CPU, which incorporates the latest Flash RAM technology and analog to digital (A/D) sense inputs, says Proprietary Controls Systems Corp. The system uses optically isolated RS485 communications technology and can be integrated into existing LiNC-NET systems and co-exist with MicroLPM series products. The Flash technology enables a download program command to automatically download new firmware to each of the controllers, upgrading the firmware with ease, says PCSC. System features include two Wiegand reader ports, two form C door strike outputs, two door left open outputs, two request to exit.


Tried-and-true false alarm reduction

Reduce false alarms in small to mid-range systems with the D7024 microprocessor-based fire alarm control/communicator panel from Radionics Inc. The base system is four zones expandable to eight. Two notification appliance circuits provide up to 2.5 amps of 24v power to operate horns, strobes, bells and other notification appliances. The system features a viewing window for the front panel display and has restricted access function keys to allow silencing of alarm and trouble conditions, zone bypassing, detector resetting, testing and other fire functions. An on-board keyboard allows on-site installer programming. The system can be controlled remotely using up to four D7033 LCD fire command centers, which provide control and annunciation with passcode-protected access to the fire system. The system logs activity in a 100-event memory buffer.


Telephone entry and access control

AccessMaster Telephone Entry provides hands-free operation for duplex telephone communications and controls four openings via touchtone telephone. It is supplied by Linear Corp. in a stainless-steel, surface-mount housing. A scrolling directory can hold up to 3,500 names and codes of employees or residents. Programming options allow customization. Beyond telephone entry, AccessMaster can be adapted for use with other forms of access control as well as with existing access control systems. The system includes a built-in radio receiver so transmitters can be used for keyless entry and panic button capabilities. The system can also receive inputs from up to six remote devices in addition to its receiver and the front panel keypad, including remote keypads, remote receivers and card readers.

Securitron Magnalock

Backup power has Class 2 listing

An ISC East New Product Showcase winner, the BPS Series is the only integral battery backup power supply on the market that has earned UL Class 2 listing, allowing installation without expensive conduit for outputs, according to Securitron Magnalock Corp. The BPS Series includes multidrop, current-limited, protected outputs with LED indicators and slide switches to control each zone. In addition, emergency release terminals allow direct fire alarm deactivation. The BPS Series is available in sizes from 1 to 15 amps at 12v DC and 1 to 10 amps at 24v DC.

OSI Security Devices

Lock boasts control and audit functions

Audit and control functions of an extensive hardwired system can be achieved with the Wall Mount System, which works with any electrical locking mechanism, says OSI Security Devices. It is surface-mounted to the wall with a steel wall plate and operates with a latching relay that can be configured for a variety of applications. It features 100, 300 or 500 user code capacities and records user identity, date and time for each entry. The system is keypad programmable with a handheld infrared printer and can be used in interior and exterior applications.


Modular control system is expandable

A modular, distributed access control system interfaces with the NT 3400 Security Management Information System and the NT 3300 Security Access Management System from Simplex. The Intelligent System Controller (ISC) is a configurable, distributed processing access control panel that communicates with a host computer and dedicated peripheral devices to perform access control functions. It monitors a variety of access control input devices such as readers, keypads, door contacts, request-to-exit switches and control output devices such as door locks and alarms. Built-in programming allows the ISC to maintain its operation in the event of loss of communications with the host computer. Facility expansion may be accomplished by adding modules to an existing ISC panel or by adding ISC panels to an NT 3400 SMIS network that can be expanded to 98 ISCs.

Access Specialties

Software operates in NT and integrates with Microsoft Access

An open platform for interface with other areas of security distinguishes Access Gold 2K software for the Windows-based security management system Access Gold. Enhancements to the software from Access Specialties Inc. include support for CCTV Gold, alphanumeric paging and the ability to route specific alarms to the appropriate person. CCTV Gold provides full integration with most CCTV applications and is hardware independent, according to Access Specialties. Database information and extensive reports are available for use in the Microsoft Access format, and Access Gold's color graphical interface, icons and alarm maps are also incorporated into the new 2K version. Working in conjunction with the IC-1600 Intelligent Controller, 2K supports virtually all card technologies, according to the company.

Code Blue

Intercom incorporates RF technology

An intercom security system uses radio frequency to eliminate the need for phone-line trenching. Code Blue, Holland, Mich., garnered quite a bit of interest at the ASIS show for its blue-strobe-light-topped intercom tower that uses RF technology to transmit audio. The company highlighted this new feature, along with these other components: remote activation pendants via RF, integrated CCTV cameras and speakerphone or intercom. Also new from Code Blue is monitoring software that runs on Windows 95 or NT and conducts event monitoring and diagnostics.

Access Control Technologies

One-card for door security, revenue control

Access Control Technologies (ACT) and its security division, Amtron Security Devices, displayed an integrated series of products at that provide a one-card solution to door security and revenue or cash card control. Amtron Security Controllers provide security and alarm monitoring capability for any facility with up to 50,000 cardholders and 256 doors. ACT's Revenue Controllers provide debit card control for copies, fax machines, printers and vending machines. The single-source concept, dubbed ActONE, uses either magnetic stripe or a new RF-based smart card. Security and revenue products can operate in conjunction with other manufacturer's products, according to Access Control Technologies.


Hear and see who is at the door

Users can hear and see who is at the door with an audio/video entry security intercom system with wide viewing area from Aiphone Corp. The MK Door Sentry includes a video door station and a main monitoring station. Features include a high-resolution infrared CCD camera, a viewing area that is 70 degrees vertical x 95 degrees horizontal, a chime from the door, hands-free audio and video monitoring, automatic backlight control and door release from inside stations. The camera can be up to 100m from the monitor, and an adjustable camera angle lifts the view of the camera 16 degrees.

Group 4 Securitas Technology

Name change and NT system for year 2000

American Magnetics Corp. has changed its name to Group 4 Securitas Technology Corp. Bob Sawyer, president and chief executive officer, says the name change better reflects the global nature and strength of the company. The company is a member of the Group 4 Securitas (International) BV series of companies, which comprises one of the largest security organizations in the world with more than 40,000 employees in more than 35 countries. Group 4 introduced four access control systems at ASIS, highlighting the AMAG Windows NT system which has numerous options, including multiple workstations, integrated video badging, CCTV switching, muster, data import, magnetic stripe encoding and guard tour.

Keri Systems

Hardware platform for affordable door control

The PXL-250 Tiger Controller and SB-293 Satellite Expansion Board cut the equipment cost of a proximity-based access control system in half, according to Keri Systems. End-user list price is $519 per door, including controllers, proximity readers and Windows-based software. Each PXL-250 has two reader inputs and the functionality to manage a single door with 100 percent intelligence, while the plug-in SB-293 provides second door control and additional general purpose inputs and outputs. Installer features include no jumpers or DIP switches to set, LED display of controller address, quick disconnect terminals and built-in diagnostics. The PXL-250 can take card reader inputs from Keri's MS Series proximity readers or any Wiegand-compatible reader technology. The system's RS485 network can be expanded one or two doors at a time up to 256 doors. The system is configured and managed by Doors for use with Windows software.


Eight users can operate system at once

Monitor and control functions from a single interface with the Pegasys 1000 Release 5 from Cardkey Systems Inc. The integrated security management system features floor plan graphics with flashing icons and audible annunciation, instructional alarm response windows, direct application link buttons and context-sensitive online help. Multi-user and multi-tasking capabilities allow up to eight users to operate the system simultaneously, and database partitioning controls individual areas of responsibility. Also, with modular matrix switchers that operate independently in each workstation, and global system control by the host, PEGAvision provides a range of CCTV functionality.


Print up to 180 full-color cards per hour

Designed for high-speed and daily service of more than eight hours per day, the Privilege 600 is a multi-process printer capable of printing two cards at the same time on both sides. Two print stations increase flexibility and production volume, according to Eltron. Each printing station can print in monochrome or in color with four, five or six panels. The second station is suitable for a hologram ribbon, says the company. With its flip-over technology, the Privilege 600 can print unattended, needing attention only to reload card stock or ribbon. Full color cards are printed at a rate of up to 180 per hour.

HID Corp.

Proximity combines with Wiegand for ease of use

Organizations can intermingle proximity and Wiegand access control throughout their facilities with the Proxcard Plus access control card. According to HID vice president of marketing and business development Don Small, "With our acquisition of the Wiegand technology last fall, we announced we would introduce a combination proximity/Wiegand card within the year. We wanted a combination of the two technologies, plus the card needed to meet the thickness requirements of most direct image printers." The card accepts a magnetic stripe, horizontal slot punch and can be dye-sublimation printed, adding photo IDsand bar codes.

Infographic Systems

Smart card reader at a Wiegand price

The RMS-22 conventional insert smart card reader is designed to replace almost any card reading technology without modification to the existing system, says Infographic Systems. The reader is also priced to compete with Wiegand readers and cards. The reader provides a direct Wiegand or magnetic stripe output over a distance of up to 500 feet and provides the user with the ability to program smart cards in the format used by an existing system. It also provides a security encryption facility. Also new from Infographic Systems is the RMS-15 Contactless Smart Card Reader, using the Mifare proximity smart card technology. The RMS-15 is an integrated smart card reader and keypad with an optional LCD display, offering a proximity read range of 1 to 2 inches. The reader is designed to integrate into Infographics access control systems.

Hirsch Electronics

ScramblePad evolves into low-profile ScrambleProx

The DS47L series of ScramblePad has all the features of the DS37L, plus more. The DS47L uses surface-mounted and through-hole technologies to mount all the electronics on a single printed circuit board. That, plus an onboard microprocessor, allows the MATCH function to be integrated. The result is the DS47L, which is a ScramblePad, or a MATCH Reader Interface Board, or both, in one low-profile assembly. Also new from Hirsch is the DS47L-SPX ScrambleProx, which incorporates proximity reader antennas, modified viewing restrictors and critical electronics on a plate mounted on standoffs slightly above the ScramblePad printed circuit board. The assembly adds no additional depth. ScrambleProx is designed to be compatible with standard HID proximity cards.

Motorola Indala

LonWorks access module provides interoperability

Compliant with LonWorks and industry building standards, the intelligent LonWorks Remote Electronics (LRE) access module provides interoperability with other building systems. It interacts with a system and a LonWorks-compatible access manager through a menu-based setup. The LRE operates like other LonMark nodes used in HVAC, lighting and sound systems. It provides multiple definable I/O functions, transient protection on all I/Os (including relay contacts), bi-directional 78 Kbps communications through a FTT-10A transceiver and a flexible, software-defined feature set. The LSE complements Indala's ASP Advantage Series proximity product line, which includes the ASP Image30 proximity card and ASR-600 series readers.

J.A.M. Plastics

Static-safe badge holders are suited to clean rooms

Made of a static dissipative material that prevents damage to electronic equipment caused by electrostatic discharges, static-safe badge holders are ideal for static-sensitive environments such as clean rooms and electronic assembly areas.

Intelligent Controls

View CCTV and access on one monitor

The Video Switching Module (VSM) 100 from Intelligent Controls Inc. links CCTV control to a single software control package. Axxess 200 Windows-based software incorporates live video from the VSM directly into the system desktop. The system operator monitors text, graphics and live video in a real-time environment, and alarms can be programmed to trigger cameras. For use with ICI's BarLock series of Card Access Control panels, the VSM provides camera switching and control and has five video inputs. Up to four VSMs can be cascaded for a total of 17 inputs per BarLock control panel. Multiple panels can be used.


System reduces rack space

Multiple operators can view and control cameras for surveillance and verification of alarm events with the CM9760 video matrix switching and control system from Pelco. Designed to reduce rack space and overall equipment requirements in medium to large CCTV installations, the system accommodates up to 200 user-defined ID numbers to be assigned to system control functions. The system's single CPU systems control up to 976 cameras and 128 monitors and can be expanded to 4,096 cameras and 384 monitors via networking. Other features include logical camera selection, optional VCR management, built-in video loss detection and built-in system diagnostics.


Live video, CCTV switching and badging in one

Control building security, monitor personnel, audit activities and report events with XeNet, a Windows-based access control system. Its modular architecture consists of the XeNet Node Controller and the XeNet PC Communication Transceiver. Each controller monitors two readers/keypads, four inputs and four relay-controlled outputs. The system expands to support 200 readers, 3,000 sensors and 65,000 cardholders. It features multi-user software, is ODBC-compliant and supports all major reader technologies, according to the company. Applications include on-screen live video, CCTV switching and video badging.

TVX Inc.

Record a moving target

MobileView, a digital video recording system by TVX Inc., can capture video from buses, trucks and subway trains. The recorded images can be viewed at the security office or they can be sent to off-site locations via wireless transmission. It supports up to four specialized TVX CCD cameras in black-and-white or color. In the vehicle, digital images are stored inside a digital recorder that allows recovery of images through a removable media drive that can be used on a PC or at a TVX-equipped bay station. Miniature high-resolution cameras are mounted inside tamper- and vandal-resistant housings. The system can store multiple images for 24 hours. Longer recording times are possible by regulating the image capture rate. The system can be integrated with digital inputs such as a driver panic button and roll-over and crash sensors, enabling the driver to initiate image transmission by pushing the panic button.


Recorder captures up to 96 hours

Twenty-four-hour continuous recording and up to 96 hours of triple-density recording can be achieved with the SRT-672 video recorder. It offers three times more fields per second than conventional time-lapse recorders, according to Sanyo. High-quality field recording and playback is made possible with more than 350 lines of resolution in black and white and more than 300 lines of resolution in color. It also features master/slave eject and clock adjustment and high-speed fast forward/rewind plus a digital memory sound system.


Digital CCTV combines multiple functions

The DigiEye digital video security system from Sy.A.C., Princeton, N.J., gathers into a single system the functionality of digital video recording, motion detection, image transmission, digital image processing, a video matrix switcher and digital input and output controls. The integration of the various components allows the implementation of functionalities not obtainable from separate systems, according to the company. Overcoming the concept of continuous sequential recording, a DigiEye recording consists of a series of sequences in which activity was detected; less disk storage is required, and searches are easier. Simple graphical interface allows access to all functions using a mouse. DigiEye offers high image quality and minimal maintenance.

Silent Witness

Compact wedge camera installs almost anywhere

The V50 WedgeView camera combines high-performance video imaging with a discreet, weather-sealed enclosure, says Silent Witness. Compact and lightweight, the WedgeView requires no cutting of walls or ceilings for installation. Camera options include color and monochrome in normal or high resolution. Lenses range from 2.9 to 16 mm and can be easily interchanged, and an optional integrated omni-directional microphone provides high-quality audio monitoring, according to the company. Camera position is adjustable with manual pan and tilt. The enclosure is made of impact-resistant, flame-rated, UV-stabilized polycarbonate ABS plastic.


Laser transports audio and video

A laser beam transmits audio and video signals across more than 200 meters, unaffected by electromagnetic noise. The Laser Transceiver LTR6701Y from Hitachi Home Electronics (America) Inc. transmits a composite video and audio signal by one laser beam for applications where cable installation is impossible (museums, for example) or where transmitting signals are subject to electromagnetic interference (factories and train stations). Hitachi also introduced an ultra-thin and flexible contactless IC card. The card includes an 8-bit CPU (user area 8KB), a transceiver chip for RF interface, a capacitor, a printed coil and a PET substrate. Also, the DP300H high-speed, color ID card printer can produce paper or PVC cards.

Extreme Video

Computer as video controller

Thirty-two-bit VideoVoice software that allows Windows 95 computers to monitor video surveillance was introduced to security end-users at ASIS. Manufactured by Extreme Video Inc., Mt. Clemens, Mich., the system has eight outputs and can archive digitally recorded images and print out incident reports by operator, site, date or type. Connection is achieved over phone lines, cellular or ISDN. Frame rate is user-selectable up to 15 frames per second. The program can run in the background while other tasks are accomplished, and video images can be faxed or printed from the computer.

Javelin Systems

Worldwide video surveillance

Organizations with offices around the corner or around the world can have almost real-time visual surveillance and management control with QNET, a LAN-, WAN- or GAN-based CCTV system from Javelin Systems. QNET is compatible with industry standard data networks and requires no proprietary equipment. It works on existing PCs and networks using CODEC boards, which digitize the video signal. QNET has bandwidth on demand, and camera wiring is minimized by connecting camera coax to the nearest QNET server. The system supports multi-tasking and can be integrated with access control, alarm, fire and building automation.


Digital image archive provides quick access

A recorded event can be called up according to time parameters with the Robot Intellex digital video recording and display system featured at the Sensormatic booth at the ASIS expo in St. Louis. Intellex uses computer software to locate digitally recorded and archived events. The system can automatically record and locate in the archive events such as motion of objects or persons within boundaries, a change in lighting in a room or a breach of a perimeter.


Print cards in monochrome or full color

Any combination of full-color text, graphics, bar codes and photos can be printed onto PVC plastic in only 40 seconds per card with the Presto Quatro ID Card Printer from Fargo Electronics Inc. Fargo also features a low-cost monochrome printer - the Presto Uno - that produces single-color ID cards and badges in approximately 5 seconds per card. Also, the Presto ID card system produces ID cards using 300-dpi dye-sublimination and resin thermal transfer printing.

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