GSM Module for Comfort Intelligent Home System
The GSM Module for the Comfort Intelligent Home System provides a cellular phone interface to send and receive SMS text messages for alarm and control -- Cytech Technology is pleased to announce the availability of its new GSM Module for use with the Comfort Intelligent Home System.

The GSM Module gives the following capabilities to the Comfort system;

Acts as a back-up dialer if the fixed telephone line becomes faulty or is cut. Comfort is able to dial to 8 telephone numbers including Central Monitoring Stations, Mobile phones and Pagers.

Sends SMS (Short Message Service) Text messages to GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) Mobile phones in the event of alarms. The text message includes the Alarm description and the name of the area or zone violated.

Allows users to dial to the GSM number to control their security system home lighting, appliances or air-conditioning. A comprehensive voice menu guides the user through all operations.

Allows users to send SMS messages to control their home lighting, appliances or air-conditioning.

Comfort with the GSM Module can be used for home and commercial alarms, and monitoring of machinery and equipment.

The Comfort Intelligent Home System is an integrated Security and Home Automation system with Voicemail. The basic system has 8 inputs and 8 outputs, expandable to 64 inputs and outputs. Dialer to 8 numbers, two way X10, Infrared transmission and reception, answering machine with 8 mailboxes, and Voice Menu are standard features. Other features include the Door Station module which calls to a mobile phone when nobody is at home to allow users to talk to the visitor, Interface to lighting systems, web-server module for Internet/Intranet access, and designer Scene Control Switches.

About Cytech Technology Pte Ltd

Cytech Technology ( has been developing and manufacturing integrated Security/Home Automation systems since 1996 in Singapore.

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