G-MAX Pro-Series DVR Digital Video Recorder
G-Max Pro-Series 4 Camera - 120 x 120fps
Digital Video Recorder

Security Cameras & Systems

Our Price: $2,134.00

  • Storage: 80GB/4-Channel
  • Superior Hardware Video Compression
  • Audio: 4 Channels with 2 way audio
  • CD-RW CD Writer
  • Display/record rate: 120x120 total fps at 320x240(NTSC)
  • Max resolution:640x480
  • Various Views for Custom Monitoring
  • Superb management functions in view/record/playback
  • Strong Remote Connectivity for intranet/internet access 
  • Full alarm functions through phone, pager, email, alarm device
  • PTZ control ready
  • 2 Year Warranty and 1 year for
    Hard Drives


Excellent Display Quality and High Compression Ratio
Using New MPEG4 Hardware Video Compression techniques, our Pro-Series DVR's use less computer CPU power, have better image quality, onboard Audio Recording, and more. You can now record for longer periods of time thanks to the smaller hardware based File Sizes!!

Various Screen Modes
You can choose the number of cameras to be viewed on the monitor screen, for a more custom and comfortable work environment.

Advanced Camera Configuration
Total control of your cameras. Adjust compression, Recording mode, alarm and more.

Security System Integration
Total control of your cameras. Adjust compression, Recording mode, alarm and more.

Cash Register POS Integration
The GMAX system can easily be Integrated with your POS/Cash Register with a Text Inserter.

Schedule Management
You can choose the specific times and days of the week to record data. This prevents the system from recording any "dead" space.

Fast, Easy Data Search
You can search for data by camera, on the day and date of your choice, and you can even search multiple cameras at the same time. You can also select an image to store or print, and the image can also be transferred to AVI format.

Smart Saving during Recording
GMAX automatically determines the recording frame rate based on the amount of movement. Lower frame rate is used for more static video, and higher frame rate for full motion video. These settings are user adjustable as well.

Advanced Motion Detection
GMAX's motion detection feature reduces false alarms cause by weather change, lightning, noise signal and prompt motion. GMAX is sensitive to moving targets in bad lighting environments and the auto-panning of PTZ cameras.

Powerful Remote Control
Multiple clients can simultaneously monitor the same GMAX site through the Internet or direct dial-up connection. Remote Viewer allows monitoring/recording of up to 16 remote cameras, remote control of PTZ cameras, remote record playback, and remote configuration.

Security and Stability
GMAX provides multi-level of password protection, and keeps an audit log of 'log on and off' sessions, configuration changes and more. Video recordings are saved in a database, optimizing storage utilization. What's more, GMAX has a hardware watchdog that restarts the system automatically in case of system errors.

Complete Integration including PTZ
CCTV devices can be integrated into GMAX. Through an RS485/RS232 converter, PTZ cameras or dome cameras can be remote controlled for panning, tilting, and zooming. Also, optional 4 line port I/O Controls.

Event Notifications
GMAX instantly sends out notifications when there is an abnormal situation or intrusion. There are many ways to notify an event:
- Event notification includes phone, e-mail
- Trigger traditional alarm device.
- Display the event camera in full screen.

Video Export
Snaps the current video frame and saves it to an image file or prints it out with location, date and time information. Save the video to an AVI.


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