GE's Introduces Facility Commander 2.1 System

GE's Security business announced that the next generation of the Facility Commander command and control integration platform, Version 2.1, offers both expanded integration functionalities and a powerful new drag-and-drop camera feature. A standards-based command and control integration platform, Facility Commander 2.1 lets organizations integrate multiple aspects of their security and facility management, including access control, video surveillance and alarm management functions, within a single screen.

"What's been needed for both IT and physical access is a complete command and control integration platform that integrates many aspects of security and facility management within a single interface," said George Martinez, director of product management, Engineered Systems. "Facility Commander 2.1 is just such a platform, providing an open architecture with interoperability between several types of security domains, such as access control, video, and intercom. An event from one system can automatically trigger actions to occur in other systems. For example, a door alarm can cause an automatic display of video at the security guard's console."

Facility Commander integrates access control, digital video, analog CCTV matrix switchers, intercom, and intrusion systems. Built-in drivers support GE's Picture PerfectT and Secure Perfect access control systems. The product uses the latest components in Java technology, is based on IT standards, and runs on commercial off-the-shelf platforms. Facility Commander provides interoperability between security systems from different vendors and gives the security operator a single, intuitive console that can manage these different systems.

Version 2.1 features include:
Additional Analog CCTV Switcher Support. In addition to the GE family of matrix switchers, Pelco's CM 97x0 and Bosch' LTC 8x00 Allegiant families of matrix switchers are now supported. When the system receives alarms or events, cameras are automatically switched to specified monitors.

View Video from Multiple Video IQ Systems.
GE's Video IQ is a powerful video analysis system that detects the actual presence of people, not motion, in the camera's view. Upon people detection, Facility Commander 2.1 automatically displays video from multiple Video IQ systems using GE's DVMRe's.

Expanded Intrusion System Functionality.
In addition to supporting GE's Alliance/ATS intrusion panels, in which panel, area, and input definitions let users receive input alarms, monitor area status, and arm/disarm areas, Version 2.1 adds support for Data Gathering Panels (DGPs), keypads, and outputs. Operators can now receive events from DGPs and keypads, activate outputs connected to the Alliance/ATS panel, and set DGPs, inputs, and keypads to bypass mode.

Drag and Drop Camera Feature.
This new feature works for both analog and digital video devices. CCTV monitor icons can be placed on graphical maps to mirror the actual monitor configuration that the security operator has in his console area. With the new drag and drop camera feature, the operator can easily drag a camera from the navigation tree to a monitor icon and have the video switched immediately to that monitor.

Facility Commander 2.1 is available now.

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