Full-Featured Wireless Surveillance at an Incredible Price

  • Keep an eye on the baby from the other side of the house
  • Transmits video to a wireless receiver that you connect to any TV or VCR within 200 ft.
  • You won't have to clutter your home or business with unattractive wires

    Put a color camera in places where it's difficult or impossible to run video cable. Set-up is fast and easy with the 2.4GHz Wireless Audio/Video Camera System, our most affordable wireless system! Just connect it to the included AC adapter, and it will send color surveillance images and audio to a wireless receiver that you connect to any TV, monitor or VCR with composite input within 200 feet.

    The camera's compact size and elegant, white finish makes the camera perfect for low-profile monitoring. It's built with an internal microphone and a directional antenna for optimal performance. To prevent it from affecting other 2.4GHz wireless devices in your home, the camera can transmit on a couple of different frequencies (just make sure the camera and receiver are set to the same channel). An LED on the back of the camera lights up when power is on and the camera is transmitting signals.

    The receiver, which can be as far as 200-ft. away from the camera, connects to any TV, monitor or VCR with the included connecting cables. It requires AC power (adapter included). The receiver also offers a sequencing feature that can automatically switch between two or three cameras (additional cameras sold separately).

    The system comes with a camera, an AC adapter for the camera, camera bracket, wireless receiver, connecting cables (to connect the wireless receiver to a TV, monitor or VCR) and two UL-approved AC adapters. Additional cameras and receivers are also available individually for easy expansion.


    JSW Pacific Product No.:
    CCD-735S + CCD-735R

    Transmit Frequency:

    Picture Output:

    Power Supply:
    AC adapter (included)


    Receiver can be up to 200 ft. away from the camera

    Connects to any TV, monitor or VCR

  • 2.4GHz Wireless Audio/Video Camera

  • Wireless receiver

  • 3 AC adapters

  • Bracket

  • Cables