Fuego Entertainment Begins Filming of the Counterfeit Conspiracy Documentary to Reveal the Fictitious Creating and Selling of Shares in the US Markets

Fuego Entertainment proudly announces the beginning of filming the "Counterfeit Conspiracy" documentary to reveal the fictitious creating and selling of shares within the market

April 30, 2005 -- Most investors aren't aware that it is just as against the law to counterfeit corporate securities (18-USC-514) as it is to counterfeit $100 bills, nor are they aware that they are likely to have these securities in their portfolios.

The producer of this informative documentary is Mr. Hugo Cancio. "This will be an in depth documentary on counterfeiting stock shares through a myriad of key market authorities to victimize public shareholders" said Mr. Cancio

This counterfeit creation of shares is usually done in the small cap market which are primarily your penny stocks. This counterfeiting of shares is known throughout to many as Naked Short Selling (NSS).

Counterfeiting anything of monetary value in the United States is illegal. Yet shares of stocks involving hundreds or even thousands of companies are counterfeited on a daily basis without penalty. The documentary will be revealing for all to educate investors and key authorities to what have been going on for years.

According to their website at www.SEC.gov, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), states that Naked Short Selling is NOT NECESSARILY against federal securities laws. The SEC admits that the counterfeiting of stock shares is a reality by bringing forth a new law, called Regulation SHO, which was enacted this past January, to try and get this issue under control. However, there has yet to be one single case brought to justice!

Counterfeit Conspiracy is a documentary aimed at getting to the truth! Fuego Entertainment will be going straight to the CEO of companies and their affected shareholders to retrieve direct testimonials of current counterfeit actions from this investor devastation. Fuego's producers will be asking all the tough questions that America needs the answers too for educating the world on what has been going on for years. Fuego Entertainment production crew will be going to take their cameras and microphones across the US, approaching the SEC, DTCC, Capital Hill, and market insiders on Wall Street.

The SEC has mandated that each of the markets put out a daily list that shows companies that currently have been naked shorted through this counterfeiting of shares. This is due to a failure to deliver the required amount of shares after the mandated time frame allotted from the SEC. Here is a very small list of some of those companies known as Threshold Companies: U.S. Canadian Minerals (OTCPK: USCA), Global Links Corp (OTCPK: GLKC), Infotopia Inc (OTCPK: IFTA), Wi Fi TV Inc (OTCBB: WFTV), Winn-Dixie Stores Inc (OTCPK: WNDXQ), General Credit Corp (OTCPK: GNIZQ) and Gateway Distributors LTD (OTCPK: GWDB)

Another company, CMKM Diamonds Inc (OTCPK: CMKX) of Las Vegas, is currently facing problems that may be related to having already fallen victim to this counterfeiting crime. A large group of extremely loyal CMKX shareholders have formed an owner's group. These loyal shareholders are going after the very Wall Street insiders that want to see this company fail. If the company fails, then traditionally the NSS problem goes away for those that perpetuated the problem. But not this time, the shareholders are fighting back and supporting their company!

These are just a handful of the many companies facing this problem today. These types of companies usually end up as a casualty and in bankruptcy through no fault their own. These are usually the repercussions behind the dilution of the company's stock.

This is Financial Terrorism against Americans, its a culture of fraud perpetuated by Wall Street, its self regulatory organizations, the SEC, and a cornucopia of offshore criminals? Rodney E. Young, Founder/President/CEO of Eagletech Communications, Inc. (OTCPK: EATC)

As Bob O'Brien of NCANS.net summed it up: "A couple of hundred guys in New York are robbing the system and investors blind."

Come along with us as we expose the Counterfeit Conspiracy to America! We invite shareholders and anyone that wants to stand up for their rights and be a part of history as we interview Washington D.C. and then travel by bus to New York City to visit the DTCC and Wall Street. Visit us at www.CounterfeitConspiracy.com and sign up to join our fight to clean up the corruption on Wall Street! The righteous shall prevail!

The Counterfeit Conspiracy documentary will be released within the next 60-90 days for more information please visit: www.counterfeitconspiracy.com

The companies mentioned above and their corresponding stocks are being represented as currently on the NASDQ Security Threshold list or as an example of what may be happening in the market place for the purpose of this documentary. No investment advice to either buy or sell any of the securities mentioned in this press release has been given. Please consult with an investment professional if investment advice is warranted.

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