Front Door Video Monitoring

You're at a customers making a repair. It's an ideal time to suggest adding a surveillance camera to their home so they can see who's visiting on their television screen inside the home. A great solution for seniors citizens, and active families.

The X10 Wireless Color Camera System transmits a vivid color video feed directly to your TV or VCR so you can always know what’s happening in and around the home! Secure their home or business with this X10 video camera system and give them peace of mind they deserve!

Installation is easy because the system is wireless and each component takes only moments to setup. Plug the camera into a wall outlet for power and it broadcast its images. Then, simply connect the video receiver to a television and you're done.

  • Monitor front door on television screen
  • Quick 15-minute installation:
    • Mount camera, aim, plug-in AC adapter.
  • No monthly monitoring fees
  • Wireless broadcasting
  • Full color camera
  • Add in installation costs to boost your bottom line!

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